Miss Brenda Resendiz-Diaz

Miss Brenda Resendiz-Diaz

Research Assistant in Materials Science

2.20A, Joseph Priestley, Mile End


Supervisors: Dr Colin CrickDr Zhe Li
Expertise: Brenda is a 2nd year PhD student at Queen Mary University of London in SEMS. She is an integral member of Crickâ??s research group, renowned for its expertise in advancing superhydrophobic materials. Brenda's current research focuses on the development of food-grade water-repellent coatings for innovative food packaging solutions, alongside pioneering a novel approach utilising sulfur polymers for textile applications. She worked closely with Imperial College on a project centred around dyeing polyester and cotton textiles.

Brief Biography

I am a dedicated Textile Engineer with expertise in Dyeing, Finishing, and Printing processes for synthetic, artificial, and natural fibres. With a background in both production and quality control departments, I have honed my skills in ensuring optimal manufacturing standards. My collaborative approach has enabled me to work effectively with cross-functional teams, contributing to the development and enhancement of advanced techniques for dyeing processes. Currently, I am pursuing my PhD at Queen Mary University of London, focusing on the research and development of superhydrophobic coatings for applications in food packaging and textiles. Passionate about driving innovation and sustainability in the textile industry. I worked closely with Imperial College (Dye Recycle Ltd.) on a project centred around dyeing polyester and cotton textiles. I graduated with honours from the National Polytechnic Institute in the School of Textile Engineering in Mexico and have 2 years of experience in the textile industry.