Dr Alexander Cresswell-Boyes
BSc, MSc, PhD

Dr Alexander Cresswell-Boyes

Teaching Fellow (SEMS)
Postdoctoral Research Assistant (IOD)

Teaching Associates' Office, Engineering G30, Mile End

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Expertise: Additive Manufacturing, X-Ray Microscopy, Biomaterials, CAD/CAM, Nanotechnology & Nanomaterials

Brief Biography

Dr Cresswell-Boyes has a Master of Science (MSc) in Nanomedicine from Swansea University and completed his PhD in 3D printing haptic like tooth structures, within the Institute of Dentistry at QMUL in 2020. Upon completion of his PhD, Dr Cresswell-Boyes has been working as Postdoctoral Research Assistant within the Dental Physical Sciences Unit focussing on research areas such as 'the design and fabrication of unique dental implant scaffolds', 'the imaging and characterisation of dental ceramics' and 'the use of additive manufacturing and virtual reality in delivering dental education'. As of 2021, Dr Cresswell-Boyes joined SEMS as a teaching fellow.