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Dr Aleksandra Birn-Jeffery
MSci, PhD

Dr Birn-Jeffery
Position: Lecturer in Bioengineering
Tel: +44 (0)20 7882 3677
Location: 219, Engineering, Mile End
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2.30-3.30pm on Tuesdays
Expertise: My research aims to understand how different movements are achieved across a variety of steady and non-steady tasks; in particular, how the mechanics and muscles are used to control movement. I apply this knowledge to differentiate healthy gait from injury and disease, by identifying these fundamental control priorities. Identification of these control priorities, and using these to discover markers for disease severity will help assess the effectiveness of different treatment interventions for gait deficits. Non-steady tasks, such as walking over obstacles are key to identifying these underlying control parameters.
Research keywords: Biomechanics, neuromechanics, neuromuscular, control priorities, gait metrics, musculoskeletal disease, non-steady tasks