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Makerspace Workshop: use your mouse, keyboard or touchscreen to have a look around

Welcome to The Makerspace

Welcome to The Makerspace website, here you'll be able to find information on The Makerspace, such as staff, facilities and access. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, or need to contact us via the Makerspace email address:

What is The Makerspace?

The Makerspace is an open access workshop for all SEMS students and staff. It operates under the same umbrella as the Mechanical Workshop and the Whitehead Aerospace Laboratory.

It is, as the name implies a space where you can make things, this might be prototyping or model making as part of your degree, or simply working on your own personal projects.

Our primary aim in The Makerspace is to give students the practical, and creative skills they will require to be effective engineers.

So please come join us and make some cool stuff!

Makerspace Notices

Ongoing Notices

  • Added "SEMS Technical Staff meeting" slot to Makerspace access timetable on Wednesdays from 11am (1hr meeting). All timetables updated. This happens every other week, workshop users will be notified of a  workshop closure on the day.

Advance Notices

  • Health & Safety Changes - As of the start of this academic year ('23-'24) we will be implementing a change to our H&S standards in the Makerspace:
    • All users will be required to wear safety glasses in all areas of the Makerspace. Safety specs will be made available for all workshop users when they gear up for their respective sessions. Please make sure that you check the specs before putting them on and make sure you return them to the pouches on conclusion of the session. If any glasses are damaged of missing, please report it to the technician on duty. Thank you for your co-operation.

Makerspace Access timetable changes - Semester A 

As of the week starting the 02/09/23 (Week 2) we will be implementing our Semester A timetable.

Changes include:

  • Reserved slots for modules (EMS402U, DEN126, DEN212 and DEN327/9).
  • Adjusted Orientation sessions and Machine shop training.

The Semester A timetable will be available for download as a PDF via the “access and inductions” page and made available for viewing on the doors of the Makerspace office and the main workshop.

Please feel free to come and have a chat with us in regards to these changes in the Makerspace office or email us at