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Hello all,

It’s nice to hear that many of you are keen to get back to working in the Makerspace, obviously because of the Coronavirus we have some special measures.

To avoid confusion it’s easiest for me to outline these measures directly

The Makerspace will be open Monday – Friday, 9 – 5 starting from Monday 8th March.

Students will have to social distance the standard 2 meters, and will be expected to wear a mask at all times.

Due to the social distancing requirement the Makerspace occupancy for the whole Makerspace has been calculated to be 10 students.

To manage the Maximum occupancy we will have a token system, this way everyone will easily be able to track how many students are in the space at any time.

Image of Tokens

On entering the Makerspace students will still be expected to wear the correct PPE as before.

You will also have to sanitise your hands with the sanitisers by the doors, and wipe down your space when you are finished.

The Makerspace is not to be used for anything other than practical work.

If people would like a discussion with myself regarding their project then they can book a video call meeting with me, just email to ask.

Lastly, students should book the space via this link:

Makerspace Booking

(Spaces are subject to be limited due to timetabled activities)



Clement Cordery


The MakerSpace

Welcome to The MakerSpace online-space, here you'll be able to find information on The MakerSpace, such as staff, facilities, access etc.

If you can’t find what you’re looking for, or need to contact us please use 

But first…

What is The MakerSpace?

The MakerSpace is an open access workshop for all SEMS and EECS students and staff.

It is, as the name implies a space where you can make things, this might be prototyping or model making as part of your degree, or simply working on your own personal projects.

Our primary aim in The MakerSpace is to give students the practical, and creative skills they will require to be effective engineers.

So please come join us and make some cool stuff!