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What Do We Have?

Here is a brief introduction to all of the tools/ facilities that we have in The MakerSpace.

Hand Tools:

We have a really good selection of hand tools, that cover wood, plastic, and metal.

The tools are loosely organised by type, as follows:


A: Fasteners & Files B: Marking & Layout
C: Cutting & Hammers D: Clamps

Whenever you’re in the workshop it’s important that you put your put tools back in their correct place.

Rapid Manufacturing:

These are all the CAD/ CAM based machine, you will probably be most familiar with 3D printing and laser cutting. Rapid manufacturing can be arranged into 2 distinct groups; additive, and subtractive. 3D printing is additive manufacturing, this is where material builds on itself to create a part, subtractive manufacturing is the complete opposite, it is where material is removed to create you part, as in laser cutting.

The Rapid manufacturing available in the Makerspace is as follows:

A: Ultimaker 2+ Extended (3D Printer) B: Carbide Nomad (Desktop CNC)
C: Laser Cutter  

Machine tools:

 We have a separate room in the workshop for all of our machines, the room has an excellent dust extraction system that should always be used with the machines. Before. Before using any of the machines, you must first receive an induction from the supervising technician, it doesn’t matter if you have used a machine before, we need to be sure you will follow the correct safety procedures.

If you would like to book an induction, please email, for one person a full induction takes about 30 minutes, preferably we would do inductions in groups of up to 5, which take about 1hr.

The machines we have are:

A: Disk Sander B: Belt Sander
C: Bobbin Sander C: Pillar Drills
D: Lathe E: Mill
F: Hot Wire Cutter G: Scroll Saw
H: Bandsaw  

Plastic Forming:

Plastic is one of the most versatile materials that you can using in prototyping, and beyond 3D printing, there are many other ways to work with it, that will usually create a stronger end result. The laser cutter mentioned previously works great with most plastics, and for 3D forms we have the following machines:

A: Line Bender B: Vacuum Former

Sheet metal:

 In engineering you will often be required to use metals to meet certain requirements in your design. We can shape metal with a number of the machine previously mentioned, for work with soft, and thin sheets metals we have the following:

A: Guillotine B: Sheet Metal Benders


Our workshop is not particularly set up for diagnostic electronics, however we have a soldering station, with excellent fume extraction, and all the wire stripper, snips etc. required for building a circuit.

We also have a specialist electronic technician in the workshop, able to give excellent guidance and advice on electronics based projects.

Everything Else:

We have a whole bunch of other useful tools, and it would make a very boring list if I were to write them down individually so here are a few of student favourites:

A: Hot Glue Gun B: Cordless Drill
C: Orbital Sander D: Hot Glue Gun
E: Router F: Hot Glue Gun

If you have any further questions regarding the facilities in the Makerspace, don’t hesitate to contact us on