How We Teach You in SEMS

Teaching and Learning Methods

Throughout your degree you will learn different ways to ensure that you are fully prepared for industry. Course materials are delivered through a combination of

  • Lectures; to large groups
  • Problem solving classes; in smaller groups, giving you the chance to ask questions and consolidate your learning
  • Laboratory practicals; in small groups in the lab, the practical version of what you learnt in the lectures
  • Student centred learning; in the first and second years for Materials students
  • Group design projects;
  • Individual research projects;
  • Independent learning; an important skill to develop

Assessment Methods

Assessment is continuous throughout your degree, with each year's grades contributing towards your final grade (although the final years carry more weight).  You will study eight modules per year split over two semesters, with the exams taking place at the end of each semester. Most modules will be exam-based, with some coursework, while some modules will be assessed in other ways. Assessment throughout your degree will include:

  • Written reports
  • Projects
  • Presentations
  • Group work
  • Peer assessment
  • Exams (exams take place at the end of each semester typically January and May/June)