SEMS EDI Committee

HUMANS ARE STORY ANIMALS AND HUMAN SOCIETY RUNS ON STORIES Story is driven by change. Or the threat of change. It's change which motivates our curiosity and leads to the craving of a satisfying resolution. Will Steer - The Science of Story

The EDI committee structure is changing. The community is led by the EDI Steering Group,  a voice to empower and support our SEMS community. Our aim is authenticity. We know it is hard to share experiences that are personal but if we are going to drive change, then we need open and non-judgemental conversations that result in real support both in the university environment and in the workplace.

Our staff and students who are driving change through the student union, partnerships, societies or networks are fundamental to deliver change.

The EDI Steering Group has developed the 2023-2028 SEMS Action Plan. As we increase the transparency in our data, we will challenge education, research and industry leaders around the world and establish clear guidance on how to address equality, diversity and inclusion in engineering.

Our target:

  • Develop an engaged community of EDI champions in engineering disciplines at every level to influence the School's operations and EDI outcomes
  • Play a key role in advocacy, consultation and delivery of change aligned to the Queen Mary's strategic priorities in Equality, Diversity and Inclusion