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Robotics Engineering

BEng (H67A) / BEng with Industrial Experience (H673) / BEng with Year Abroad (H67Y)
MEng (H67B) / MEng with Industrial Experience (H67C) / MEng with Year Abroad (H67X)

Entry Year: 2019


Get hands-on experience of how of robots are designed and built, and how they are applied in sectors as varied as manufacturing, aerospace and healthcare.

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Friday 21 & Saturday 22 June

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Two leading Schools – Electronic Engineering and Computer Science and Engineering and Materials Science – have combined their state-of-the-art teaching facilities and world-class research to offer a programme in the growing field of robotics and automation.

You’ll build a solid foundation in engineering principles by studying core modules, alongside specialist teaching in robotics that starts in the first term. By the end of the programme, through a range of practical modules and your individual project in year 3, you’ll be able to design, model and build a robot of your own.

Opportunities to engage with industry will help you to understand how your skills can be applied and increase your confidence in seeking work after graduation.

If you choose the MEng option, you’ll take part in a high-level group design project and can choose to specialise in areas such as industrial, medical, soft or cognitive robotics.

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