Funding is available through one of the following schemes:

SEMS-funded Studentships

 A School-funded studentship arrangement that will cover home tuition fees and provide an annual stipend for up to three years currently set at the 2023/24 stipend rate of £20,622 pa. International applicants may also apply but will have to make up the difference between home and international fees. 

EPSRC  and Queen Mary Research Studentships

The Queen Mary Research studentships (Principal's studentships) cover the UKRI rate stipend (currently ££20,622 each year ) for 3 years and home tuition fees rate of ~£4.6k. The UKRI rate stipend for 3.5 years and includes home fees. The EPSRC supports multiple studentships and provide doctoral training in the physical sciences with relevance to the EPSRC remit. The studentships are also open to international candidates, but they will need to pay the difference in fees between home and overseas. 

China Scholarship Council

CSC LogoNeeds candidate to secure a CSC scholarship.  Queen Mary will provide scholarships to cover all tuition fees, whilst the CSC will provide living expenses and one return flight ticket to successful applicants.

Conacyt-funded students

Needs candidate to secure a Conacyt scholarship.