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PhD Thesis: Coal microstructure and structural changes during gasification.

Author: AL-KHUDHAIRY, Delilah

Year: 1990

Supervisor(s): Bob Young

Over the past twenty five years, primary energy supplies and prices have been subject to considerable uncertainty. The current situation of abundance and stability can be considered as temporary in relation to the time scale for the commercialisation of new, advanced energy technologies. The relative life times of coal measured in hundreds of years at the present rate of consumption, demonstrate the opportunities for coal and its potential role in supplying long term future energy needs. Gasification is seen as one of the routes that can be followed towards the clean use of coal for power generation or for conversion to other products such as substitute natural gas (SNG).
In this study, the microstructure of raw Markham main coal and its gasifier and laboratory derived chars (of known thermal history) are studied by means of 4 different techniques, namely, transmission electron microscopy, scanning electron microscopy, small angle x-ray scattering and x-ray diffraction analysis. These techniques are assessed in terms of quality of results and effort and an attempt is made to predict the thermal history of the Westfield gasifier chars.