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PhD Thesis: Design of High Efficiency Turbomachinery Blades

Author: HAMAKHAN, Idres Azzat

Year: 2010

Supervisor(s): Theodosios Alexander

The prescribed surface curvature distribution (PSCD) direct blade design method, which was developed by Korakianitis, has been modified and offers novel and unique advantages in aerodynamic performance and surface heat transfer distribution for the design of turbomachinery blades and isolated airfoils, blades or wings. This dissertation has introduced modified equations in the two-dimensional (2D) and extensions in the three-dimensional (3D) PSCD blade design method.

2D modifications include polynomial functions, connecting the main part of the blades with the leading and trailing edge circles. The modified 3D design method includes application of the method to describe the blade parameters with Bezier curves in the radial direction in order to obtain 3D blades. The use of the overall method is illustrated in turbine, compressor and wind turbine blade geometries. The ability of the method is illustrated at design and off-design conditions with new designs and redesigns of seven test cases and at various flow incidences. The commercial code packages GAMBIT (grid generation), and FLUENT and ANSYS12 (flow solvers) are used to compute the flow around the blades using various grids and turbulence models. These calculations indicate all redesigned test cases remove flow disturbances and separation bubbles generated by surface curvature discontinuities. The effects of surface curvature distribution on convective heat transfer are illustrated.

The main contributions are the following: modified the exact form of the polynomials; modified the exact location of the match points of the leading and trailing edge circles; increased the number of control points of the Bezier curves; modified the same method to work on compressor blade and isolated airfoil; and applied the method to several test cases.