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PhD Thesis: Novel Binary Calcia-Alumina Systems for Device Applications

Author: ZAHEDI, Marjan

Year: 2009

Supervisor(s): Asim Ray

The room temperature sol-gel processing technique was employed for the first time in the present work to fabricate the novel binary compound of the calcia-alumina (C12A7) system consisting of calcium oxide (CaO) and aluminium oxide (Al2O3) in a 12:7 ratio. The highest level of homogeneity and transparency of the C12A7 solution in ethanol was achieved by optimising pH values, reaction dynamics and modified precursor structures. Studies were performed on this binary oxide in both thin film and powder forms. By using High Temperature X-Ray Diffraction (HTXRD) and Simultaneous Thermal Analyser (STA), phase transformations in C12A7 powder were examined in situ under continuous heat treatment from room temperature to 1200°C. The samples were found to be amorphous at room temperature. As the temperature was increased, crystallisation was completed at 1100°C.