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PhD Thesis: Oxygen and glucose utilization of different cell types in vitro-measurements using invasivce and non-invasive techniques

Author: LI, Wei

Year: 2007

Supervisor(s): Wen Wang

This thesis investigates oxygen and glucose utilization in three different cell types: primary isolated bovine chondrocytes (low oxygen demand), skeletal muscle myoblasts (medium oxygen demand) and human colon adenocarcinoma cells (high oxygen demand). To study oxygen utilization, both invasive and non-invasive techniques were adopted. Firstly, an oxygen sensitive electrode was fabricated according to the author’s design and applied in three dimensional chondrocytes-seeded agarose constructs. Secondly, a fluorescence-based oxygen quenching system was adopted for the study of myoblasts (C2C12 cell line) and adenocarcinoma (HT-29 cell line) cells in 96-well culture plates. Different conditions of oxygen supply and glucose concentration in the culture medium were used, and consequent changes in oxygen consumption, glucose utilization and lactate production were measured. The results reveal that glucose concentration in the medium significantly affects the cellular aerobic metabolism of cells with low and medium oxygen demand (primary chondrocytes and C2C12 cells). The cellular aerobic metabolic activity was down regulated when higher glucose supplements were introduced and, interestingly, aerobic and anaerobic cellular respiration coexisted under sufficient oxygen supply conditions.