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PhD Thesis: Response of osteoblasts to their environment

Author: MELLON, Stephen

Year: 2007

Supervisor(s): Liz Tanner

The effect on the cytotoxicity of HOS TE-85 on microporous membranes was determined using an MTT assay. The membranes are track-etched polycarbonate, coated with polyvinylpyrrolidone (PVP). Experiments comparing ethanol sterilised and autoclaved membranes indicated differences suspected to be as a result of damage to the PVP coating. Based on these results an experiment was conducted on samples with and without a PVP coating to compare cell viability, proliferation and alkaline phosphatase activity. It was found that the PVP coating encouraged greater proliferation and alkaline phosphatase activity than surfaces without PVP. Images taken of cells adhered to both surfaces suggested this may be due to different quality attachment.

In addition a MEMs based device has been designed at Imperial College for the manipulating cells using dielectrophoretic force. The device was optimised using latex, yeast and then with osteoblasts. This was in an attempt to learn more about the mechanotransductive behaviour of bone cells. The viability of osteoblasts immediately after dielectrophoretic stimulation was found to be greater than non-stimulated controls. This is believed to be the result of osteoblasts responding to force by increasing their activity.