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PhD Thesis: Coaxial electrohydrodynamic atomisation of suspensions


Year: 2007

Supervisor(s): Mohan Edirisinghe

The thesis demonstrates a novel method of coaxial electrohydrodynamic atomisation for suspensions. Composite ceramic microstructures were prepared using immiscible ceramic suspensions of alumina and zirconia. The suspensions that were prepared were simultaneously subjected to electrohydrodynamic atomisation using the coaxial needle designed and developed in lab. Both the suspensions undergo stable cone jet mode together and the resulting composite microstructures were analysed. Our investigations show that the speed of jetting at the inner and outer nozzles along with the volume loading of suspensions determine the competence of encapsulation of these composite microstructures obtained. The influence of viscosity on jet break up and thereby corresponding microstructures prepared were analysed by coaxially atomising ceramic suspension with different silicon oils having a wide range of viscosities. A polymer solution is used to encapsulate a ceramic suspension showing that this method could be used as a vehicle to carry ceramic suspensions and also in targeted drug delivery. Densely packed silver metal particles were obtained by encapsulating it with a polymer solution which could have numerous engineering applications.