SEMS Bioengineering at Queen Mary's Festival of Communities

12 June 2023

Bioengineers at Queen Mary's Festival of Communities
Bioengineers at Queen Mary's Festival of Communities
Science & Engineering festival activities
Science & Engineering festival activities

Cutting-Edge Science and Engineering Research Showcase

  • RoboCare: Innovations in Healthcare and Assisted Living
    Dr. Thilina Dulantha Lalitharatne’s team showcased RoboCare, illustrating the potential of robotic technologies in healthcare and assisted living. Visitors interacted with assistive robots, Brain-Computer Interfaces (BCIs) and discovered how they can enhance the quality of life for those with disabilities or age-related conditions.

  • Engineering Better Medicine: Organ-on-a-chip Technologies
    At Dr. Thomas Iskratsch’s stand, visitors experienced hands-on engagement with 3D printed organ-on-chip models and enjoyed a child-friendly introduction to bioengineering with colour dyes in pipettes.

  • Promoting Human Mobility with Robotics
    Dr. Ildar Farkhatdinov’s team presented robots designed to assist human mobility and movement. Demonstrations included robots aiding arm movement, human balancing, and interaction with virtual reality, highlighting the forefront of human neuro and biomechanics studies.

  • Scientists and Engineers Show and Tell
    Dr. Tina Chowdhury’s team brought cells to life where children and families learnt how research in bioengineering is saving babies lives. Children played interactive games to show how cells move between tissue layers in the baby’s amniotic sac and how cells that heal wounds in skin can be used to prevent preterm birth.

Queen Mary's Festival of Communities 2023 marked another successful year for SEMS Bioengineering, a team committed to making science and engineering accessible and exciting for all. Feedback from local community groups affirmed the engaging and inclusive nature of the activities.

Special thanks to SEMS scientists and engineers: Wen Qi Teoh, Yijiang Hu, Rory Bennett, Laura Forster, Mia Crowther, Georgios Ziakas, Zainah Awadallah, Matteo Cecamore, Tania Dandachli, Anisa Ahmad, Michael Levitt, Dr. Liisa Blowes from the CREATE facility, and support from the Centre for Advanced Robotics for their amazing efforts in organising the interactive stands.

For more details about the showcased innovations and initiatives, visit SEMS Bioengineering.

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