SEMS Seminar Series: Prof Sarah Jayne Hitt, NMITE (Ph.D., SFHEA)

Prof Sarah Jayne Hitt (NMITE)
Prof Sarah Jayne Hitt (NMITE)

Date: Wednesday 6 March 2024 15:00 - 16:00  Add this event to your calendar

Location: People's Palace PP2

Register at: Online link to join on MS Teams (ONLY for those in China):

Title: Pedagogies for Integration: Getting Ethics and Sustainability into Everyday Engineering Education

Most engineering academics believe in the importance of educating students to be globally responsible professionals who will contribute to a more just and sustainable future. Many of these academics can see the potential for meaningfully integrating topics related to ethics and sustainability into their modules or programmes, but they may also not feel they have the knowledge or confidence to do so effectively. Furthermore, modules are packed with disciplinary content—how is it possible to add anything else in? This talk will address these challenges by proposing a range of pedagogies that can be incorporated in everyday lessons conveniently and intuitively, with the goal of students seeing ethical and sustainability issues as part of, not tangential to, engineering problems and solutions. Resources from the Engineering Professors’ Council’s Ethics and Sustainability Toolkits will be featured.

This seminar is also part of the research seminar event series organised by the Centre for Research in Engineering and Materials Education (CREME) and for the Centre for Academic Inclusion in Science and Engineering (CAISE) at QMUL.

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