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Halide perovskite thermoelectric materials

Supervisor: Oliver FENWICK
Apply by:22 November 2019

Thermoelectric materials generate a voltage from a temperature gradient. Thermoelectric generators made from these materials can recover waste heat and convert it into electrical power. These devices have potential for powering small electronic devices, and in the future a thermoelectric generator placed on someone’s skin could even generate electricity from their body heat to power a wireless medical sensor. However, significant materials challenges still need to be overcome in order to obtain high thermoelectric figure of merit (ZT) materials and efficient devices.

One promising new class of thermoelectric materials are the halide perovskites. These materials have been studied extensively for photovoltaics, and it is known that they have low thermal conductivity and high charge mobility – both of which are important for thermoelectrics.

This project will focus on development of halide perovskite materials for thermoelectric applications. There will be a particular emphasis on (i) controlled electrical doping, and (ii) structural optimisation by bottom-up nanostructuring.

The project would suit someone with a physical science background (physics, materials science, physical chemistry), motivated by the process of understanding and developing semiconductor materials. Direct experience in the topic of the project is not a requirement, but the candidate may benefit from experience in any of the following areas:

  • Materials characterisation.
  • Thin film deposition.
  • Electrical testing.
  • Semiconductor devices.
  • Halide perovskite materials.
  • Thermoelectric materials.

QMUL Research Studentship Details

  • Available to Home/EU & International Applicants.
  • Full Time programme only.
  • Applicant required to start by January 2020.
  • The studentship arrangement will cover tuition fees and provide an annual stipend for up to three years (Set as £17,009 for 2019/20).
  • The minimum requirement for this studentship opportunity is a good Honours degree (minimum 2(i) honours or equivalent) or MSc/MRes in a relevant discipline.
  • If English is not your first language then you will require a valid English certificate equivalent to IELTS 6.5+ overall with a minimum score of 6 in Writing 5.5 in all sections (Reading, Listening, Speaking).
  • International applicants should refer to the following website at

Supervisor Contact Details
For informal enquiries about this position, please contact Dr Oliver Fenwick
Tel: +44(0)20 7882 3150

Application Method
To apply for this studentship and for entry on to the PhD Materials Science programme (Full Time) please follow the instructions detailed on the following webpage:

Research degrees in Materials:

Further Guidance:

Please be sure to include a reference to ‘2019 SEMS QMRS OF2’ to associate your application with this studentship opportunity.