School of Engineering and Materials Science Research Studentships

Printed thermoelectric generators on paper

Supervisors: Oliver FENWICK

Application Deadline: 31-01-2018

Thermoelectric materials generate a voltage when placed in a temperature gradient through the Seebeck effect, and this voltage can be harnessed in thermoelectric generators (TEGs) to produce electrical power from waste heat. These materials therefore have enormous potential for meeting part of our energy needs and for enabling self-powered sensors.

Yet manufacture of thermoelectric generators is expensive, and the materials used are brittle and scarce. This project will exploit a new generation of thermoelectric materials based on organic semiconductors. These thermoelectric materials are mechanically flexible and can be processed from inks that are compatible with printing technologies. This project will harness the unique properties of these materials to develop an all-printed thermoelectric generator on paper by a cheap and scalable process.

The successful applicant will learn to print semiconductor devices and characterise them electrically. They will also be trained in microscopy (AFM, SEM etc.), photoelectron spectroscopy (XPS and UPS) and techniques for measuring thermal conductivity and Seebeck coefficient.

QMUL Research Studentship Details

  • Available to Home/EU Applicants only.
  • Full Time programme only
  • Applicant required to start by October 2018
  • The studentship arrangement will cover tuition fees and provide an annual stipend for up to three years (Currently set as £16,553 in 2017/18). 
  • The minimum requirement for this studentship opportunity is a good Honours degree (minimum 2(i) honours or equivalent) or MSc/MRes in a relevant discipline.
  • If English is not your first language then you will require a valid English certificate equivalent to IELTS 6.5+ overall with a minimum score of 6 in Writing and 5.5 in all other sections (Reading, Listening and Speaking).
  • Please Note that this studentship is only available to Home/EU Applicants. (See: for details) 

Supervisor Contact Details:

For informal enquiries about this position, please contact 

Dr Oliver Fenwick, E-mail:

Application Method: 

Materials Science programme (Full Time) please follow the instructions detailed on the following webpage:

Further Guidance available via:

Please be sure to include a reference to ‘2018 SEMS-RS OF’ to associate your application with this studentship opportunity.