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School of Engineering and Materials Science Research Studentships

Organic Thermoelectric Materials (Home/EU only)

Supervisors: Oliver FENWICK

Application Deadline: 18-01-2016

Thermoelectric materials generate a voltage when placed in a temperature gradient through the Seebeck effect. This voltage can be harnessed in thermoelectric generators to produce electrical power from waste heat. Thermoelectric generators have enormous potential for meeting part of our energy needs, but improved materials are required to make this a reality.

There have been recent reports of high thermoelectric performance in certain organic materials and there is much excitement surrounding them. This is not only due to their thermoelectric performance, but also their low cost, processability, chemical tunability and mechanical flexibility which offer huge advantages for many applications.

Yet the physics of organic thermoelectric materials is poorly understood. The objective of this project is to fill some gaps in our knowledge which will enable us to develop high performance materials for the future. Specifically the project will probe charge transport in detail in these materials and will compare their bulk thermoelectric properties with those of low dimensional structures.

Hosted in the group of Dr Fenwick, this project would suit a motivated student with a background in physics or a related discipline. The applicant should have an interest in materials physics and low temperature electrical measurements.

Research Group: Functional Nanomaterials

QMUL Research Studentship Details

  • Available to Home/EU Applicants only.
  • Full Time programme only
  • Applicants start dates of Feb - April 2016 are preferred.
  • The studentship arrangement will cover tuition fees and provide an annual stipend (£16,057 in 2015/16) for up to three years.
  • The minimum requirement for this studentship opportunity is a good Honours degree (minimum 2(i) honours or equivalent) or MSc/MRes in a relevant discipline.
  • If English is not your first language then you will require a valid English certificate equivalent to IELTS 6.5+ overall with a minimum score of 5.5 in all sections (Reading, Listening, Writing, Speaking).
  • Please Note that this studentship is only available to Home/EU Applicants. (See: for details) 

Supervisor Contact Details:

For informal enquiries about this position, please contact Dr Oliver Fenwick

Tel: 020 7882 3150


Application Method:

To apply for this studentship and for entry on to the PhD Full-Time Materials Science programme - Semester 2 start (between January-April), linked via following webpage:

Further Guidance available via:

Please be sure to include a reference to ‘2016 QMRS SEMS OF’ to associate your application with this studentship opportunity.

Deadline for applications: 18 January 2016