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3D Printing

If you wish to get 3d printing done, please come and see one of the technicians. Depending on your requirements regarding quality of print, and complexity of the part/parts, the technician will advise you on the best 3d printer to use. 

Stratasys Fortus 450mc

This machine is best suited for more complex, larger parts where a good surface finish is required. Material available is black ASA and Nylon 12 Carbon Fiber with a build space of 406mm in X, 355mm in Y and 406mm in Z. Layer heights are 0.127mm, 0.178mm, 0.254mm and 0.33mm. 

Undergraduate students wanting parts made for a project will have to allow for a fictitious cost of £5 per print hour. No physical money will be charged, this is purely to give the students an idea of budgeting and working with constraints for their projects. Post graduate students will not be charged for research work, unless a different colour material is needed or if the part is large enough, a contribution towards material may be requested. 3d printing work outside of The School of Engineering and Material Science will be charged per hour.  

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Ultimaker 2 Extended +

When you require a quick turn around at low cost, the Ultimaker's are usually the best machine. When different colour material or larger parts are needed, a charge of £30 for a reel of material is requested. Build volume is 223 x 223 x 305mm, with accuracy of 12.5 microns in X, Y and 5 microns in Z. There are many different materials available to print with, if you need more details on what would suit your project best, click here.    

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BCN3D Sigma R19

If your requirements are for a quickly produced print with either soluble support, multiple materials, or small batch quantities you will likely be advised to use the R19. With a printing volume of 210 x 297 x 210mm, a layer height of as small as 0.05mm and a dimensional accuracy of +/- 0.2mm it covers most of the needs for rapid prototyping.     

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