Centre for Research in Engineering and Materials Education

BeLOnG in SEMS: Perspective from the SEMS community

Principal investigator:Folashade AKINMOLAYAN TAIWO
Co-investigator(s): Angela JONES
Funding source(s):Westfield Fund
 Start: 05-12-2022  /  End: 08-12-2023
 Amount: £4350
Research Centre:
There is a need to facilitate and encourage students to share their experience, and utilise student partnerships to explore their needs. Through the development and display of a blog, students can identify what success and barriers they have identified in addition to how they experienced it. Blogs can draw together small virtual groupings of individuals interested in constructing knowledge around a common topic within a community of practice, and supporting each other. Through personal or group blogs, data sharing is enabled and experts and novices alike can make their voices heard to the rest of the online world. Therefore, students do not only participate in an activity and acquire skills, but also produce shared outcomes and advance the experiential learning of the readers.