Centre for Research in Engineering and Materials Education

Embedding Cultural References to Catalyse the Transition to Active Learning in Transnational Education

Principal investigator:
Co-investigator(s): Sulafudin VUKUSIC, Agne KOCNEVAITE, Xinru DENG and Gabriel CAVALLI
Funding source(s):Westfield Fund
 Start: 12-10-2022  /  End: 31-12-2023
 Amount: £6000
Research Centre:
Many students in our transnational programmes, but also international students in our home programmes, experience difficulties adapting to active learning approaches, resulting in lower engagement and lower academic performance. Cultural differences derived from more traditional education systems play a major role in these difficulties. This project proposes co-creating with students the embedding of cultural references to ease the transition from traditional lecturing to flipped classroom.