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December 2011

Shahrzad Nayebossadri successfully defended her PhD thesis

16 December 2011

Congratulations to Shahrzad Nayebossadri, who submitted her thesis within four years and successfully defended her PhD thesis titled 'Computational and Experimental Study of Nasal Cavity Airflow Dynamics'. Shahrzad was supervised by Eldad Avital and Fariborz Motallebi. [more]

Yankai Liu successfully defended his PhD thesis

16 December 2011

Congratulations to Yankai Liu who submitted his PhD thesis within 4 years and successfully defended himself in PhD examination on 16 December 2011. Yankai worked on 'Modelling studies on biological tissue property and mechanical responses under external stress'. He was supervised by Professor Wen Wang and Dr Yiling Lu. Yankai will carry on ... [more]

November 2011

IoM3 commend Dr Joe Briscoe's paper in the 2010 Literature Review competition

25 November 2011

A recent PhD student, Dr Joe Briscoe, of Dr Steve Dunn (now working in SEMS as a PDRA) has just had his contribution to the 2010 Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining literature review competition commended . ‘Extremely thin absorber solar cells based on nanostructured semi-conductors’ has just been published in Materials ... [more]

SEMS awarded Leverhulme Trust Visiting Professorship

21 November 2011

Dr Stephanie Bryant will be visiting SEMS from January to April next year, working with Hazel Screen on a novel tendon tissue engineering project. This visit, funded by a Leverhulme Trust Visiting Professorship, will focus on optimising the mechanical load environment for tendon cells, to help promote tissue healing. Whilst ... [more]

Maria del Pilar Garcia Souto successfully defends PhD thesis

17 November 2011

Congratulations to Maria del Pilar Garcia Souto who successfully defended her PhD thesis. Pilar's thesis titled 'Thermal models of humans for smart climatic control' was supervised by Peter Dabnichki.

Industrial Liaison Forum and SEMS Prize Day

15 November 2011

The biannual Industrial Liaison Forum was held on Wednesday October 19th in the Octagon. The event was a great success with over fifty industrialists from over forty organisations attending. The event was broken up into three parts, starting with the PhD research poster exhibition, followed by the annual SEMS Prize ... [more]

Zaheer Ikram successfully defended PhD thesis

12 November 2011

Congratulations to Zaheer Ikram who successfully defended his PhD thesis. Zaheer's thesis titled 'Numerical Investigation of the effects of free-surface flow past submerged streamlined and bluff bodies' was supervised by John Williams and Eldad Avital. [more]

Sandra Ciampone successfully defends her PhD thesis

3 November 2011

Congratulations to Sandra Ciampone who successfully defended her PhD thesis. Sandra's thesis titled 'Methods for Seated Posture Recognition' was supervised by Peter Dabnichki.

3 year Leverhulme Trust grant to study ferroelectric materials has started

2 November 2011

A 3 year study that will focus on developing ferroelectric materials for use a photocatalysts to convert atmospheric carbon dioxide into useful fuels has started today. The grant expands on Dr Dunn’s work that has shown the band positions and spatial photochemistry of ferroelectrics make them an interesting alternative to ... [more]

October 2011

Iffat Patel wins National Physical Laboratory Research Poster Prize

31 October 2011

Congratulations to Iffat Patel who won the National Physical Laboratory (NPL) prize for her poster presentation titled 'Nanocomposite Polyelectrolyte Multilayer Synthesis through Layer-by Layer Assembly'. Iffat is currently researching her PhD in SEMS under the supervision of Gleb Sukhorukov. [more]

Zhipeng Gao wins Artis Research Poster Prize

31 October 2011

Congratulations to Zhipeng Gao who won the Artis prize for his poster presentation titled 'Pr2Ti2O7-A new super-high temperature piezoelectric material'. Zhipeng is currently researching his PhD in SEMS under the supervision of Mike Reece and Haixue Yan. [more]

Hussein Ershadi Oskoi wins Beckers Research Poster Prize

31 October 2011

Congratulations to Hussein Ershadi Oskoi who won the Beckers prize for his poster presentation titled 'Resistive Humidity Sensor and Test & Humidity Measuring Systems'. Hussein is currently researching his PhD in SEMS under the supervision of Pankaj Vadgama. [more]

Chi Chi Zhang successfully defends PhD thesis

26 October 2011

Congratulations to Chi Chi Zhang who successfully defended his PhD thesis. Chi's thesis titled 'Geometric and scale effects on energy absorption of structural composites' was supervised by Paul Hogg and Ton Peijs.

Chi Chi Zhang successfully defends PhD thesis

26 October 2011

Congratulations to Chi Chi Zhang who successfully defended his PhD thesis. Chi's thesis titled 'Geometric and Scale Effects on Energy Absorption of Structural Composites' was supervised by Paul Hogg.

Fei Hang successfully defends his PhD thesis

18 October 2011

Congratulations to Fei Hang who successfully defended his PhD thesis.Fei's thesis titled 'In-situ nanomechanical investigations of bone' was supervised by Asa Barber.

September 2011

BBSRC grant awarded 'Targeted drug delivery to neurons and glia using light-and field-sensitive microcapsules'

26 September 2011

Prof. Gleb Sukhorukov (SEMS) was awarded a BBSRC grant together with UCL (Prof.Rusakov and Dr.Volynski) and School of Physics and Astronomy, QMUL (A. Sapelkin and M.Baxendale). The project is entitled "Targeted drug delivery to neurons and glia using light-and field-sensitive microcapsules". The research will be devoted to ... [more]

Zhenling Luo successfully defends PhD thesis

19 September 2011

Congratulations to Zhenling Luo who successfully defended her PhD thesis on 'The role of microRNAs in human embryonic stem cell differentiation into endothelial cells'. Zhenling's research was supervised by Prof Wen Wang and Prof QB Xu (co-supervisor) at King's College London. [more]

August 2011

Hafiz Muhammad Ali successfully defends PhD thesis

25 August 2011

Congratulations to Hafiz Muhammad Ali who successfully defended his PhD thesis on 'Free-Convection Condensation on Single Horizontal Pin-Fin Tubes'. Hafiz's research was supervised by Dr Adrian Briggs. His work involved the experimental and theoretical investigation on the performance and optimization of three-dimensionally enhanced pin-fin tubes. During his PhD studies, Hafiz ... [more]

Student satisfaction in SEMS tops College, Materials best in UK

17 August 2011

Student satisfaction in SEMS is now at 93 – 96% according to a nationwide survey of final year students. The 2011 National Student Survey questioned UK undergraduates on various aspects of their student experience and measured overall student satisfaction. Materials at Queen Mary, University of London is number 1 in the UK in the NSS ... [more]

Henry Clarke successfully defends PhD thesis

17 August 2011

Congratulations to Henry Clarke who successfully defended his PhD thesis on 'A Novel Cryogenic Energy System for Zero Emission Vehicles'. Henry's research was supervised by Dr Dongsheng Wen.

July 2011

Jia Ma and Wei Tu successfully defend their PhD theses

29 July 2011

Congratulations to husband and wife Wei Tu and Jia Ma who both this week successfully defended their PhD theses. Jia successfully defended on Monday her thesis 'Processing of Polymer-based Systems for Improved Performance and Controlled Release’, supervised by Profs Gleb Sukhorukov and Ton Peijs, while Wei defended this Friday his ... [more]

Claire Fitzgerald successfully defends PhD thesis

22 July 2011

Congratulations to Claire Fitzgerald who successfully defended her PhD thesis on 'Forced-convection condensation heat-transfer on horizontal integral-fin tubes including effects of liquid retention'. Claire plans to spend the next year working in China. Claire's research was supervised by Dr Adrian Briggs and Dr Hua Sheng Wang. [more]

Bioengineering 11 Conference

4 July 2011

SEMS is to host the annual meeting of the Bioengineering Society which will share and explore the latest research and issues in the field of bioengineering. The Dean for Research in Science and Engineering, Professor Wen Wang, will chair the meeting being held between 12 and 13 September. further details can be ... [more]

Arsalan Ahmad successfully defends his PhD thesis

1 July 2011

Congratulations to Arsalan Ahmad, who successfully defended his PhD thesis titled 'Experimental Aeroacoustics Study on Jet Noise Reduction Using Tangential Air Injection'. Ahmad was supervised by Dr Eldad Avital, Professor Chris Lawn and Dr John Cater from the University of Auckland. [more]

June 2011

Angelo Karunaratne's research gains recognition from Bone Research Society and ASBMR

28 June 2011

Congratulations to Angelo Karunaratne who won best poster prize at the Bone Research Society Meeting in Cambridge, in addition to this Angelo's high ranking abstract won the 2011 ASBMR Young Investigator Travel Grant for the abstract presentation “In-situ synchrotron SAXS Combined with Micromechanical Testing to Serve as an In-Vitro Nanomechanical Functional ... [more]

NanoVision Centre microscopy technique published in Nature Protocols

15 June 2011

A method to reveal the 3 dimensional micro-architecture of complex biological tissues has been perfected at Queen Mary’s NanoVision Centre for advanced microscopy. The method uses the Centre’s focused ion beam – scanning electron microscope (FIB-SEM) to cut away a thin slice of material from a resin embedded block of ... [more]

Ahmed Al-Musleh successfully defends PhD Thesis

10 June 2011

Congratulations to Ahmed Al-Musleh, who successfully defended his PhD thesis titled 'Development of Frameworks for implementation TQM principles in construing industry'. Ahmed was supervised by Ihtesham Rehman.

Tanya Ekers successfully defended her PhD thesis

7 June 2011

Congratulations to Tanya Ekers who successfully defended her PhD thesis on 'Nanoindentation as a Method to Interrogate the Mechanical Properties of Polymer Coatings'. Polymer coatings are becoming increasingly important in technologies such as car body finishes, domestic appliances and natural wood flooring. Nanoindentation is widely used to measure the mechanical ... [more]

May 2011

Dr. Fariborz Motallebi appears on BBC's The One Show talking about the effect of the latest volcanic ash cloud on plane engines.

26 May 2011

As the ash cloud threatened to cause disruption to European flights again, Fariborz Motallebi explained the effect of the ash on the aircraft engines when in flight on The One Show.

Karin Hing is awarded the Royal Academy of Engineering Silver Medal for 2011

23 May 2011

Please join us in congratulating Karin Hing on being awarded one of 4 prestigious Royal Academy of Engineering Silver Medals for 2011. This is for her longstanding work with ApaTech developing bone graft substitute materials including ApaPore™ and Actifuse™. You can read more about the award by following the link. http://www.... [more]

Dr Tina Chowdhury has been awarded an Arthritis Research UK Grant

16 May 2011

Dr Chowdhury has been awarded a project grant from Arthritis Research UK. The project entitled "influence of mechanical conditioning and the C-type natriuretic peptide in the modulation of osteoarthritis" involves collaboration with Prof Donald Salter at Osteoarticular Pathology, Edinburgh University and Mr Manoj Ramachandran at the Department of Orthopaedics and ... [more]

Best MEng Group Project Prize Announced

11 May 2011

After much deliberation, it has been decided that the best group MEng project prize for the best group presentation at the ILF at the end of last term be split between the ClearPath and the BirdStrike teams. There were several excellent projects this year but these two teams were the ... [more]

Dun Lu successfully defends PhD thesis

4 May 2011

Congratulations to Dun Lu who successfully defended his PhD thesis on \'Nanomechanical properties of limpet teeth\' against some probing questions. Dun has been with us for just over three and a half years, developing a range of different mechanical testing techniques used to evaluate the unique mechanical properties of ... [more]

April 2011

SEIF grant success for Tina Chowdhury

22 April 2011

Tina Chowdhury has been awarded a grant from the Student Experience Investment Fund (SEIF) for a project called “web-based interactive 3D technology for improved learning in tissue engineering”. The project extends previous work which developed a virtual, interactive teaching aid, that won a Drapers Prize in 2009 ... [more]

Phil Ward passes PhD Examination

6 April 2011

Congratulations to Phil Ward who passed his PhD examination on 6 April 2011. Phil worked with Professor Julia Shelton on hip bearings, with an interest on the influence of surface coatings and modifications on their wear properties. Phil was in the first group of students to undertake the Medical Engineering MEng degree ... [more]

PhD student, Lewis Tunnicliffe wins the James S Walker Award of the IoM3.

1 April 2011

The school is delighted to announce that Lewis Tunnicliffe has won the James S Walker Award of the Institute of Materials Minerals and Mining. The award is presented annually to the best student project on the subject of polymers. Lewis has received the award for his MRes thesis entitled, “Investigations ... [more]

March 2011

Choothum Jeenjitkaew successfully defends PhD thesis

31 March 2011

Congratulations to Choothum Jeenjitkaew, who passed his PhD viva on 31st March 2011. Choothum thesis titled 'Kissing Bonds in Adhesive Joints: A Holistic Approach for Surface Chemistry and Joint Mechanics' was supervised by Professor Felicity Guild and Dr Zofia Luklinska. [more]

Chanyuan Chai passes her PhD examination

30 March 2011

Congratulations to Miss Chanyuan Chai who passed her PhD examination on 30 March 2011. Yuan worked with Professors Wen Wang and Dan Bader on Pressure Ulcers and was a MEng graduate in Medical Engineering at Queen Mary. Her work furthers our understanding on the etiology of pressure ulcers and assesses novel strategies ... [more]

Cummins Turbo Technologies sponsors research in the Energy Group

14 March 2011

Cummins Turbo Technologies, a world leader in turbocharger technology, is sponsoring a 3 year research programme on the development of a novel engine derived from turbocharger components. Cummins Turbo Technologies is a division of Cummins Inc. the world's largest independent diesel engine manufacturer. The work is broadly based on gas-turbine performance ... [more]

February 2011

Neveen Hosny successfully defends PhD

23 February 2011

Congratulations to Neveen Hosny, who successfully defended her PhD thesis titled ‘Development of a non-invasive method to detect pericellular spatial oxygen gradients using FLIM’ supervised by Dr Martin Knight. Following her PhD, Neveen has continued working with Dr Knight, developing a super-resolution microscopy system (PALM) funded by the Discipline Bridging ... [more]

Farah Ahmed successfully defended her PhD thesis

16 February 2011

Congratulations to Farah Ahmed, who successfully defended her PhD thesis titled "Multiscale Quantitative Imaging of Human Femoral Heads Using X-ray Microtomography". During her PhD studies Farah has successfully been awarded the Roberts Award for two consecutive years and has also been awarded the International Rank Prize Fund Symposium. She was ... [more]

National Student Survey 2011 for all final year undergraduate students (MEng and BEng)

11 February 2011

This is the chance for all final year students to have their say. Please make sure you ALL complete the survey by going to: and clicking on “Enter Survey”. Please take 5 minutes to take part. [more]

January 2011

Hazel Screen and Hasan Shaheed have been awarded Drapers' Prize for Development in Learning and Teaching

27 January 2011

They were awarded the prize for Promoting Student Engagement and Deep Learning through PBL and Pictorial Presentation of Subject Matter. Electrical Technology is taught to all engineering students (more than 200 students) during the second year of their studies. It is compulsory and the only one of the core modules specifically ... [more]

Physiological Society Awards for SEMS Primary Cilia research team

12 January 2011

Angus Wann and Clare Davis won prizes for the best oral and best poster presentation at the recent Physiological Society conference. Both are working with Martin Knight on the role of ‘primary cilia’ in cartilage mechanobiology. [more]

Ashand Namasivayam successfully defends PhD

12 January 2011

Congratulations to Ashand Namasivayam, who successfully defended his PhD thesis titled "Combustion, Performance and Emissions Characteristics of Compression-Ignition Engines Fuelled by Sustainable Fuels". His work involved investigation of engine performance and emissions of compression-ignition engines fuelled by various combinations of sustainable and renewable fuels, fuel emulsions, and hydrogen, in single ... [more]