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December 2010

Shangjun Ye successfully defends PhD thesis

7 December 2010

Congratulations to Dr Shangjun Ye, who passed his PhD viva on 7th December 2010. Shangjun worked on flow in porous media using LBM supervised by Professor Wen Wang and Dr Alex Vikhansky in SEMS.

Anil Ramlogan successfully defends PhD thesis

7 December 2010

Congratulations to Anil Ramlogan who successfully defended his PhD thesis entitled “Stem Cell Expansion and Bioreactor Development” on 7th December 2010. He was supervised by Prof. Joost de Bruijn. During his time at Queen Mary, Anil has served as student ambassador for the school and represented the college at the Biotechnology ... [more]

Zhikai Tan successfully defends PhD thesis

1 December 2010

Congratulations to Dr Zhikai Tan, who passed his PhD viva on 1st December 2010. Zhikai worked on electrospray of macromolecules supervised by Professor John Stark and Professor Wen Wang in SEMS.

November 2010

SEMS offers the Best Engineering Course in London

23 November 2010

In the most recent National Student Survey completed by 2010 graduates, Engineering has come top in the London region for overall student satisfaction. This excellent performance reflects the focus that we have put into delivering good courses well. [more]

Saharman Gea successfully passes PhD

19 November 2010

Congratulations to Saharman Gea (aka Man) who after many years of hard work defended his PhD thesis entitled "Innovative Bio-Nanocomposites based on Bacterial Cellulose" supervised by Ton Peijs (and many others). Man's thesis was based on seven journal papers, six of them published or accepted prior to submitting his thesis. ... [more]

Han Zhang wins the Best UK Polymer Student Prize

16 November 2010

Han Zhang a PhD student in SEMS has been awarded the RH Craven award by the Institute of Materials Mining and Minerals for being the best graduate with excellence in polymer materials in the UK. This is the second year in a row that this award has come to the ... [more]

London’s collegiate hub is in great shape and ready for a bigger role

11 November 2010

As turbulent times loom, the federal university has a renewed sense of purpose and is in “massively better shape”, said Geoffrey Crossick, the Vice-Chancellor of the University of London. The idea of the cuts, according to Crossick, is about strengthening the provisions in each of the Colleges. He sees it ... [more]

Charles Ryan successfully defended his PhD Thesis

8 November 2010

Congratulations to Charles Ryan who successfully defended his PhD thesis titled "Influence of electrostatics upon electrospray with potential application to colloid thrusters" which was supervised by Professor John Stark. [more]

Asa Barber's work discussed in the New Scientist

4 November 2010

Asa Barber and Fei Hang's work that shows that bone gets its strength from a combination of tiny fibres that either stiffen or become more malleable when stretched is discussed in the New Scientist. It is hoped these findings by scientists at Queen Mary will lead to greater development in ... [more]

SEMS Prize Day Recognises Academic Excellence

3 November 2010

The fourth combined annual SEMS Prize Day Ceremony took place on the 27th October. More than 30 prizes were awarded to SEMS students in recognition of their academic excellence over the last year. Sponsors from Tata Steel, Advanced Healthcare, Apatech, Artis, The Worshipful Company of Armourers and Braziers, the Institute of ... [more]

October 2010

SEMS Graduate Research Show Poster Competition Results

28 October 2010

This year's Graduate Research Show was a huge success and provided researchers with the opportunity to showcase their work and get a wider picture of research taking place in the School. The event was attended by over 50 industrial visitors, some of whom judged the posters on display. Sabina Hatch was ... [more]

The SEMS Industrial Liaison Forum (ILF) is the biggest yet.

27 October 2010

This term’s ILF in SEMS attracted more than 400 students to an event attended by more than 50 external visitors from more than 30 organisations including: Alcoa; AlphaSense; Apatech; ARTIS; BAA; Biomet; Bose; Corin; De La Rue; Doosan Babcock Energy; DSTL; Dunlop Aircraft Tyres; EADS Astrium; Engineers without Borders; Finsbury Instruments; Furlong ... [more]

NIHR funding for TURBOCARDIA, a Mechanical Circulatory Support (MCS) device for stage IV Congestive Heart Failure (CHF)

27 October 2010

Collaborators: Professor T. Alexander (publishes as T. Korakianitis) and Professor M.T. Rothman A multi-disciplinary research team led by Professor Theodosios Alexander (Professor and Chair of Energy Engineering at QMUL, publishes as Theodosios Korakianitis, PI), and Professor Martin T. Rothman of QMUL and Barts and the London NHS Trust (co-PI), ... [more]

Farah Ahmed awarded 2010 Rank Prize Fund Symposium on High Resolution X-ray Imaging

25 October 2010

Congratulations to Mrs Farah Ahmed, who was awarded the 2010 Rank Prize Fund Symposium on High Resolution X-ray Imaging for her work titled 'X-ray microtomography of trabecular bone using time-delay integration.' Farah was ranked equal with two other young researchers who all gave presentations that would have been well received ... [more]

The Big Bang to include Medical Engineering and Materials Science

21 October 2010

The Big Bang Science Festival will take place in March 2011 and is full of exciting workshops and shows like Sky One's Brainiac Live! and BBC One's Bang Goes the Theory - SEMS will be presenting two stands focused on Materials Science (The Magic of Materials) ... [more]

Yulong Chen successfully defends his PhD

19 October 2010

Congratulations to Yulong Chen who successfully defended his PhD thesis titled "Combinatorial Method for Discovery of BaTiO3-based Positive Temperature Coefficient Resistors", which was supervised by Dr Shoufeng Yang. [more]

Professor Mike Gaster receives the Ludwig-Prandtl-Ring Award

11 October 2010

Professor Mike Gaster FRS has recently been presented with the prestigious Prandtl Ring. The Ludwig-Prandtl-Ring is awarded by Deutsche Gesellschaft für Luft- und Raumfahrt in Prandtl\'s honor for outstanding contributions to the field of aerospace engineering. Prandtl is often referred to as the father of modern Aerodynamics, and ... [more]

September 2010

EU funds new research in High-Performance Biobased Polymers

17 September 2010

Many of the biobased plastics currently available lack the performance of traditional petroleum based polymers and their use is therefore often limited to disposable items such as packaging trays, containers, shopping bags, etc. The objective of the HIGHBIOPOL project is to develop a range of multifunctional engineering biopolymer systems for ... [more]

August 2010

Dr Angus Wann wins Physiological Society prize

27 August 2010

Dr Angus Wann wins Physiological Society prize for his abstract entitled: ‘'primary cilia are essential for chondrocyte mechanotransduction'. The prize of £150 was awarded for the best human and exercise physiology poster at the annual meeting of the Physiological Society in Manchester. Angus is a research assistant working with Dr Martin ... [more]

Synthetic bone graft recruits stem cells for faster bone healing

4 August 2010

Scientists have developed a material for bone grafts that could one day replace the 'gold standard' natural bone implants. A new study shows how particles of a ceramic called calcium phosphate have the ability to stimulate promising bone regrowth by attracting stem cells and 'growth factors' to promote healing and ... [more]

July 2010

SEMS Presence at Farnborough Air Show was a Success

30 July 2010

SEMS had a successful stand at the Farnborough Air show. We had many enquiries about studying at SEMS. Visitors to our stand ranged from very young students & sixth-formers, graduates interested in PG studies and former graduates, including one gentleman who graduated in Aeronautical Engineering in 1958. The show itself was fantastic ... [more]

Hung-Liang Hsu successfully defends his PhD

21 July 2010

Congratulations to Hung-Liang Hsu who successfully defended his PhD thesis titled "The preperation and charactisation of porous degradable chitosan structure for tissue engineering", which was supervised by Dr Ray Smith. [more]

Idres A. Hamakhan successfully defends his PhD thesis

13 July 2010

Congratulations to Idres A. Hamakhan who successfully defended his PhD thesis titled "Design of high efficiency turbomachinery blades", which was supervised by Professor Theodosios Korakianitis (a.k.a. Professor Theodosios Alexander). Idres will be staying on as a postdoc in the same research group and working on applications of the ... [more]

Fei Hang wins Best Poster Prize in Materials Science session of Microscience 2010 Conference

13 July 2010

Fei Hang, PhD student in Dr Asa Barber's Research Group, has won Best Poster Prize in Materials Science session of the Microscience 2010 Conference. Microscience is an international conference & exhibition on microscopy organised by Royal Microscopical Society every other year in London. In addition to the certificate, Fei received a digital ... [more]

Pengxiang Song successfully defends PhD

12 July 2010

Congratulations to Pengxiang Song who successfully defended his PhD research titled "Experimental and Numerical Study of Nanoparticles for Potential Energy Applications". Pengxiang's research degree was supervised by Dr Dongshen Wen. [more]

Philip Gabriel successfully defends his PhD

8 July 2010

Congratulations to Philip Gabriel who successfully defended his PhD research on "Investigation and modelling of rubber friction" supervised by James Busfield. Before Philip returns to Germany he will be working within SEMS for a short period helping to improve the mechanical testing facilities. [more]

Balazs Ihracska awarded research funds from the University of London Central Research Fund

5 July 2010

Balazs Ihracska, technician and PhD student in SEMS, has been awarded funds from the University of London Central Research Fund for experimental research on hydrogen embrittlement of engine parts in hydrogen fuelled engines, and optical hydrogen-combustion studies. The research is a new initiative stemming from the ongoing alternative and sustainable ... [more]

June 2010

Botao Xu successfully defends PhD

25 June 2010

Congratulations to Botao XU who successfully defended his PhD research titled "Experiment and Modelling of Structural Epoxy Adhesive in Critical Applications".

May 2010

Scientists discover new inflammatory target

18 May 2010

Dr Martin Knight has led the research into finding a new therapeutic target to combat inflammation. These findings could lead to potential therapies for millions of people who suffer from arthritis. For further information go to : [more]

Pengxiang Song awarded China National Scholarship

13 May 2010

Mr Pengxiang Song, a fourth year PhD research student in SEMS, has received a prestigious China National Scholarship for a Self-Financed Student. The award was presented by His Excellence, Ambassador Mr. LIU Xiaoming, the Ambassador of the People's Republic of China in the United Kingdom. In addition to the certificate, ... [more]

April 2010

New European FP7 Grant for Research in Composite Materials.

26 April 2010

Professor Ton Peijs was recently awarded over 400k Euro\'s from the EU as part of a large NMP project entitled: IMS&CPS (Innovative Material Synergies & Composite Processing Strategies). Starting after the summer and over the next 3 years, a consortium of 16 industrial and academic partners (incl. KU Leuven,IVW Kaiserslautern, ... [more]

Mike Reece is awarded the Verulam Medal and Prize

20 April 2010

Professor Mike Reece has been awarded the Verulam Medal & Prize by the Institute of Materials Minerals and Mining. This is in recognition of his distinguished contributions in the field of ceramic materials, specifically for his work on the processing and properties of structural and functional ceramics. [more]

Ton Peijs is awarded the Swinburne Medal & Prize

15 April 2010

Ton Peijs has been awarded one of the Premier Awards for 2010 of the Institute of Materials Minerals and Mining. The award is to recognise the achievement of a person who has made an outstanding contribution to the advancement and knowledge of any field related to the science, engineering or technology ... [more]

March 2010

Dhanushka Hapuarachchi successfully defends PhD thesis

30 March 2010

Congratulations to Dhanushka Hapuarachchi (aka Dhan) who successfully defended his PhD thesis entitled “Development and Characterisation of Flame Retardant Nanoparticulate Bio-based Polymer Composites” supervised by Ton Peijs. His thesis was based on five journal papers and one conference proceeding, all published or accepted prior to submitting his thesis! Dhan is ... [more]

Merve Tezcakar successfully defends PhD

19 March 2010

Congratulations to Merve Tezcakar who successfully defended her PhD research on "Setting in Motion the Techno-economic Transition towards a Hydrogen Economy" Merve's research was supervised by Dr Stuart Peters.

2009 Macromolecular Runner-up Cover of the Year

18 March 2010

A front cover highlighting the research of a paper by Hua Deng, Rui Zhang, Chris Reynolds, Emiliano Bilotti and Ton Peijs came runner up among all selected front and back covers within the six journals of the Macromolecular Journals family of Wiley-VCH. In 2009, a total of 109 such covers were published. ... [more]

Shima Toorani successfully defends PhD

18 March 2010

Congratulations to Shima Toorani who successfully defended her PhD research on "The influence of microstructure on the mechanical behaviour of tendons" Shima's research was supervised by Dr Hazel Screen.

Girish Pattappa successfully defends PhD

18 March 2010

Congratulations to Girish Pattappa who successfully defended his PhD research on "Characterisation of human mesenchymal stem cell metabolism during proliferation and differentiation" Girish's research was supervised by Professor David Lee. [more]

Chris Lawn wins the Best paper Award

11 March 2010

We are pleased to announce that Chris Lawn has won the Professional Engineering Publishing Best Paper Award for papers published in the Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, Part C: Journal of Mechanical Engineering Science in 2009 for a a paper entitled, "Technologies for tomorrow's electric power generation" Proc. IMechE ... [more]

Royal Society supporting a Sino-British project on conductive polymers

8 March 2010

The National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC) and the British Royal Society (RS) will support a joint Sino-British project on “Multi-Component Polymer Conductive Fiber”. The project proposed by Prof. Fu Qiang of Sichuan University in Chengdu and Prof. Ton Peijs is one of 19 projects awarded in the 2010 round. The ... [more]

Shoufeng Yang’s EPSRC grant highlighted by the Times High Education Supplement

8 March 2010

Shoufeng Yang’s EPSRC grant has been highlighted on the Times Higher Education website, which reports an £81,014 grant awarded in support of his research on pharmaceutical dry powder dispensing collaborating with industrial partner Huxley Bertram Engineering Ltd. Queen Mary Innovation provided support during the application process and helped develop the ... [more]

ApaTech acquired by Baxter International Inc. for $330 million

8 March 2010

Baxter International Inc. a global, diversified healthcare company have announced a definitive agreement whereby Baxter will acquire all of the outstanding equity of ApaTech for a total consideration of up to $330 million. Formed in 2001, ApaTech is a spin-out company, founded on technology invented at the Interdisciplinary Research Centre in Biomedical ... [more]

Rui Liao successfully defends PhD

4 March 2010

Congratulations to Rui Liao who successfully defended her PhD research on "Transmission Power Control in Wireless Networks" supervised by Dr Henri Huijberts and Prof David Arrowsmith. Rui has secured a Research Fellowship at Brunel University. [more]

Jan Girman achieves third place in the IoM3 Young Persons' Lecture Competition

1 March 2010

Congratulation to Jan who is currently in the final year of his BEng Dental Materials degree and is working in the research group of Dr Asa Barber. Jan was the only undergraduate finalist in the competition and did extremely well to compete for this place in the final. [more]

February 2010

Nutthanun Suphadon successfully defends his PhD

24 February 2010

Congratulations to Nutthanun Suphadon (Mac) who successfully defended his PhD research on "The Viscoelastic Properties of Rubber Under A Complex Loading" supervised by James Busfield. Mac will return to Thailand shorty to take up a Research Position at MTec. Mac has the distinction of having four journal papers on his ... [more]

Md Amzari Md Zhahir defends PhD Thesis

17 February 2010

Congratulations to Md Amzari Md Zhahir who successfully defended his PhD research on Adaptive Filtering Applications to Satellite Navigation. Md Amzari's work was supervised by Dr Ranjan Vepa.

Saira Chaudhry wins Savio Woo Young Researcher Award

15 February 2010

Saira Chaudhry has won a Savio Woo Young Researcher Award for an paper entitled \' ECCENTRIC & CONCENTRIC CALF MUSCLE LOADING: AN IN VIVO STUDY OF FORCE & EMG\', submitted to the International Symposium on Ligaments and Tendons. Saira is a PhD student supervised by Hazel Screen and Dylan Morrissey (from ... [more]

Prof Gleb Sukhorukov co-authors a Nature Materials Review

11 February 2010

Prof Gleb Sukhorukov co-authored a Nature Materials Review on emerging application of stimuli-responsive polymer materials. His contribution outlines the significance of multilayer polyelectrolyte based micro- and nanocapsules where different functions can be tailored on a molecular level in single entity. Envisaged applications range from sensitive surfaces to sophisticated drug delivery ... [more]

SEMS Alumni Event

4 February 2010

As part of the programme of helping improve graduate attributes, 6 alumni returned to give talks recently on how they found their first job and to describe what they now do. The students included Osman Bawa (EADS Astrium), Gerard Ward (Ford), Nada Hanafi (FDA) , Lara Starr (AFC Energy) all pictured as ... [more]

January 2010

Shuangwu Li defends PhD Research Thesis

27 January 2010

Congratulations to Shuangwu Li who successfully defended her PhD research on "Surface properties of Electrospun Nanofibres". Shuangwu's work was supervised by Dr Asa Barber.

Oluwamayokun Adetoro defends PhD successfully

21 January 2010

Congratulations to Oluwamayokun Adetoro who successfully defended his PhD research on "Numerical Simulation for Milling Processes of Thin Wall Strutures". Oluwamayokun's work was supervised by Dr Pihua Wen.

Sakaleshpur Chetan successfully defends PhD

11 January 2010

Congratulations to Sakaleshpur Chetan who successfully defended his PhD research on 'Dynamics of Vortex Shedding from Slender Cones'. Sakaleshpur's work was supervised by Prof Mike Gaster.

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