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December 2009

Yi Ming Zhang successfully defends his PhD

22 December 2009

Congratulations to Yi Ming (Charlie) Zhang who successfully defended his PhD research on “Application of Artificial Neural Networks (ANNS) in Several Different Materials Research Fields”. Charlie's work was supervised by Shoufeng Yang. [more]

Manabu Kuwata defends PhD Thesis

22 December 2009

Congratulations to Manabu Kuwata who successfully defended hisPhD research on "Mechanisams of Interlaminar Fracture Toughness Using Non-Woven Veils as Interleaf Materials". Manabu's work was supervised by Prof Paul Hogg and Prof Ton Peijs. [more]

Peppe Viola successfully defends his PhD thesis

18 December 2009

Giuseppe Viola successfully defended his PhD thesis on the the "Dynamics of Ferroelectric and Ferroelastic Switching in Ceramics. He is to be commended for completing his PhD within three years from the start of his three year EPSRC funded project. Peppe will be continuing at QMUL for another to six ... [more]

Raheleh Ahmadi successfully defends her PhD

15 December 2009

Congratulations to Raheleh Ahmadi who successfully defended her PhD research on 'Injectable Cell-Based Tissue Engineered Bone Formulations'. Raheleh’s work was supervised by Prof Joost de Bruijn. Raheleh currently holds the position of Doctoral Research Associate at the Centre for Gastroenterology and Nutrition at University College London. [more]

Macromolecular Journals Cover Competition 2009

14 December 2009

The November issue of Macromolecular Materials & Engineering, whose front cover features a a paper by Hua Deng, Rui Zhang, Chris Reynolds, Emiliano Bilotti and Ton Peijs, has been short-listed for a competition for the best cover of the year, among all Macromolecular Journals. The cover picture is now to be ... [more]

Shoufeng Yang Secures EPSRC Collaboration Fund Grant

8 December 2009

Shoufeng Yang has been awarded an EPSRC Collaboration Fund award of £100k (with £26.5k contributed from collaborating partners) in support of his research on pharmaceutical dry powder dispensing. The lead industrial partner on the project is an established engineering company who design, build and install, production and test customised automation ... [more]

Visiting Student Receives Platinum Crest Award

8 December 2009

Boitumelo Maboitshego from Sir George Monoux College visited SEMS in July 2009 and complete a project on 'The Analysis of the aerodynamics of a family car to suggest improvements to reduce its drag'. She successfully completed the project and has been awarded both a gold and platinum crest award. Her project ... [more]

Theodosios Alexander quoted on Channel 4 news website

1 December 2009

Ten ideas to save the planet’ is an article covered by the Channel 4 News. In this discussion about climate change, biofuels are considered but are regarded by some as one of the most controversial technologies. Scientists are researching biofuels as green alternatives to fuels including petroleum. First generation biofuels are ... [more]

November 2009

Jianmin Zhang successfully defends her PhD

27 November 2009

Congratulations to Jianmin Zhang who successfully defended her PhD research on “A study on All-Polymer Composites: All-PET and All-Aramid”. Jianmin's work was supervised by Prof Ton Peijs.

Andrew Sheldon successfully defends his PhD

26 November 2009

Congratulations to Andrew Sheldon who successfully defended his PhD research titled 'Visualization of fluid motions inside Taylor cones using dye tracer'. Andrew's work was supervised by Prof John Stark and Dr Kate Smith. [more]

Lei Guo successfully defends his PhD

25 November 2009

Congratulations to Lei Guo who successfully defended his PhD research on 'Novel biosensors and Their application in Mass Transport'. Lei's work was supervised by Prof Wen Wang and Prof Pankaj Vadgama.

Zanyar Movasaghi successfully defends his PhD

25 November 2009

Zanyar Movasaghi has successfully defended his PhD entitled, "Spectroscopic Investigation of Cancerous Tissues". His work was supervised by Dr Ihtesham ur Rehman. Zanyar has capably defended his thesis and presented his work clearly to the examiners. [more]

Manuela Russo successfully defends her PhD

24 November 2009

Congratulations to Manuela Russo who successfully defended her PhD research on ' Titanium Oxide Hydrates: Optical Properties and Applications'. Manuella's work was supervised by Dr Natalie Stingelin. Manuela has secured a Swiss Fellowship on Rare Metal Research, which she will start in January in the group of Prof. Walter Caseri ... [more]

Fianti Noor successfully defends her PhD

23 November 2009

Congratulations to Fianti Noor who successfully defended her PhD research on 'Going Against the Grain: the De-maturity of the European Textile Industry'. Fianti's work was supervised by Dr Stuart Peters and Dr Natalie Stingelin. [more]

Ruzhen Li successfully defends her PhD

17 November 2009

Congratulations to Ruzhen Li who successfully defended her PhD research on "Molecular dynamic simulations of Biointerfaces". Ruzhen’s work was supervised by Prof Xiao Guo.

Jianmin Ma successfully defends his PhD

13 November 2009

Congratulations to Jianmin Ma who successfully defended his PhD research on 'Numerical Analysis of Flow Structures and Bed Entrainment in Turbulent Open-Channel Flow', which was supervised by Prof John Williams. Jianmin has published his findings on the international journals, e.g. Journal of Hydraulic Engineering (ASCE), and was also awarded ... [more]

Dual success for 2009 Materials Graduates

12 November 2009

Yesterday after a rigorous selection process, our graduates secured two of the three national prizes awarded annually by the Institute of Materials, Mining and Minerals for graduates of accredited materials courses. These awards are given to students based upon their academic performance assessed in combination with other qualities and achievements ... [more]

HRH, The Princess Royal opens new ApaTech headquarters

6 November 2009

Her Royal Highness, The Princess Royal was guest of honour at the formal opening of the new international headquarters of ApaTech. The company was spun out of the Department of Materials in 2001 and our own Karin Hing is one of the founding scientists. Princess Anne was given a guided tour ... [more]

Julia Shelton and Tina Chowdhury win Drapers Prizes

3 November 2009

The School has been successful in getting two out of the 6 Drapers Prizes for Innovations in Teaching and Learning. Julia Shelton and Teresa McConlogue from the Thinking Writing Initiative won for their project on “Peer and collaborative assessment of written coursework”. Tina Chowdhury with Peter McOwan from the School of ... [more]

October 2009

James Busfield awarded the Sparks-Thomas Prize of the American Chemical Society for 2010

27 October 2009

Dr James Busfield has been awarded the Sparks-Thomas Award of the American Chemical Society (ACS) for 2010. He has also agreed to give the Sparks-Thomas presentation on his work at the American Chemical Societies spring Rubber Division meeting in Akron OH (Tuesday, April 27, 2010) and attend the S&T Awards Banquet (luncheon) ... [more]

Apatech - one of the fastest growing companies in the UK

26 October 2009

Apatech has come second in the Sunday Times Tech Track league table for the fastest growing technology companies in the UK. The synthetic bone-graft materials developed by this Hertfordshire company are used in a range of orthopaedic applications, including spinal fusion and trauma repair. The success of its products Actifuse ... [more]

Colin Langdown is recognised for his long service

21 October 2009

On the just his second day in office the new Principal, Prof. Simon Gaskell had the pleasure of presenting a gift to Colin Langdown to recognise his long service at QMUL. Colin has worked as a technician primarily in the composites fabrication and testing area for the last 28 years, formerly ... [more]

Abdul Samad Khan completes his PhD

21 October 2009

Abdul Samad Khan has successfully completed his PhD on "A Novel Bioactive Nano-Composite: Synthesis and Characterisation with Potential Use as Dental Restorative Material". His work was supervised by Dr Ihtesham ur Rehman and Dr Ferranti Wong. Abdul’s project was based on chemical coupling between nano-apatites and polyurethane and was ... [more]

Record Student Population in SEMS

19 October 2009

The final date has passed for late enrolment, so we now know the total student population in SEMS for this year. As over 1,100 students have enrolled, we know that we have set a new population record in SEMS. This year has been a double success as not only have we ... [more]

Marjan Zahedi successfully defends her PhD

19 October 2009

Congratulations to Marjan Zahedi who successfully defended her PhD research on "Novel Binary Calcia-Alumina Systems for Dvice Applications". Marjan’s work was supervised by Prof A Ray.

Prize Day in SEMS

14 October 2009

This year Prize day was a fantastic celebration of the success of our students in SEMS. Prizes and certificates were presented by Prof. Simon Gaskell to a total of 23 students were recognised for academic excellence. The prizes are sponsored by a range of different companies including DuPuy, ARTIS, Apatech, Corus ... [more]

Matthieu Bedard completes his PhD

13 October 2009

Matthieu Bedard has successfully defended his thesis on "Light Addressable Capsules". His work was supervised by Prof Gleb Sukhorukov, and has generated considerable academic and industrial interest because it has produced a break through in drug delivery - [more]

Record number of PhD Student Completions in Materials

12 October 2009

The number of PhD students in Materials who have completed their degrees in the 20 months since the new Research Excellence Framework (REF) period began has passed 40. This represents significantly more than one completion per academic per year. This level of completions would have put us at the top of the ... [more]

James Busfield is awarded his National Teaching Fellowship

6 October 2009

On the 23rd September 2009, James Busfield was awarded his National Teaching Fellowship at a black tie reception at Middle Temple Hall. This is the 10th anniversary of the fellowships and James joins a very exclusive club of just five others at QMUL, he is only the second fellow in the ... [more]

Nanayaa Hughes-Brittain wins the Black Child Achievement Award

5 October 2009

Nanayaa Hughes-Brittain has won the Black Child Academic Achievement Award at a Prize ceremony hosted at the House of Commons. The event sponsored by UBS saw London’s top Black students awarded prizes by celebrity guests including Boris Johnson and Christine Ohuruogu. Nanayaa has just started her PhD in Materials ... [more]

'Micro shuttle' drug delivery could mean an end to regular dosing

2 October 2009

PhD student Matthieu Bédard and Professor Gleb Sukhorukov have developed a new technique that can deliver drugs safely into living cells using micrometer-sized capsules that are buried under the skin or into the body. The ‘micro shuttles’ contain a dose of medication and can be released remotely via a ... [more]

September 2009

Payam Jamshidi successfully defends his PhD

18 September 2009

Congratulations to Mohammad (Payam) Jamshidi who successfully defended his PhD research on "A Process for Recycling Thermosetting Foams and the Incorporation of Recycled Foams into Structural Composite Panels". His project was supervised by Prof Paul Hogg. Payam now works for the Northwest Composites Centre in Manchester. [more]

Isaiah Adekanmbi leaves QMUL

8 September 2009

Please join us in wishing Isaiah Adekanmbi farewell when he leaves Nanoforce on Friday, 11th September 2009. Isaiah, formerly a Biomedical Materials and Engineering student with us, is leaving to complete a DPhil in Orthopaedic Biomedical Engineering at the University of Oxford. Isaiah will be having a farewell drink in the ... [more]

August 2009

Best Paper Award at the World Congress on Engineering (WCE) London, 2009

10 August 2009

The best student paper award was awarded to Oluwamayokun Adetoro for the paper titled ‘Stability Lobes Prediction in Thin Wall Machining’, which he presented during the three day conference. The paper was jointly written with Dr P H Wen, Dr W-M Sim (Airbus) and Dr RJ Vepa. The WCE 2009 is ... [more]

July 2009

Taster course success

23 July 2009

We have now come to the end of the SEMS taster course programme for 2009. This year the programme has been coordinated by Rachel Sinkins. We ran a total of 26 events for a total of 847 students. 66% of whom have stated that they are now likely to apply to university to study ... [more]

SEMS Announces Eight Staff Promotions

21 July 2009

Please join us in congratulating the following members of staff on their recent promotion, effective from 1 October 2009: Michael Reece - Professor of Functional Ceramics James Busfield - Reader in Materials Dongsheng Wen - Reader in Future Energy Pihua Wen - Reader in Computational Solid and Fluid Mechanics Asa Barber - ... [more]

Central Research Fund awarded to a PhD student

9 July 2009

Shahrzad Nayebossadri, a 2nd year PhD student, has won a University of London Central Research Fund. Shahrzad works on human nasal aerodynamics with Dr Avital and Professor Motallebi, looking at the effects of nasal blockage and ways of detection using computational and experimental aerodynamics means. This award will support the ... [more]

Gleb h-index breaks the 50 barrier!

7 July 2009

If you're an academic and you have not checked your h-index, it is about time you do so. If you do not know what the h-index is, it is about time you found out. The h-index, or Hirsch index, is a sort of personal impact factor, based on citations of ... [more]

June 2009

Prof. Kees Bastiaansen's research published in Nature Materials

29 June 2009

Kees his paper entitled 'Printed artificial cilia from liquid-crystal network actuators modularly driven by light’ will be published in the next issue of Nature Materials. The work is co-authored by researchers from Eindhoven University of Technology and Philips Research Laboratories in the Netherlands and presents the development of polymeric microactuators. ... [more]

EPSRC Research Grant - Condensation Processes in Microchannels

26 June 2009

The School of Engineering and Materials Science is pleased to announce that Professor John Rose and Dr Huasheng Wang have been awarded an EPSRC research grant of £ 375,550 in support of their ongoing research into condensation processes in microchannels. [more]

Congratulations to James Busfield on his NTFS Award

25 June 2009

Congratulations to James Busfield on being awarded a National Teaching Fellowship by the Higher Education Academy. This is one of a handful of awards made annually by the Higher Education Academy for the UK to recognise individual excellence in teaching. This is excellent news and a very impressive achievement. In ... [more]

PhD awarded to Xiaopeng Chi in Materials

12 June 2009

Congratulations to Mr. Xiaopeng Chi for successfully completing his PhD degree, on the project of "Micro-Extrusion of Fine Ceramic Latticework", under the supervision of Professor J.R.G. Evans and Dr. S. Yang. He has been awarded Best Poster Presentation Award in the Solid Freeform Fabrication Symposium and published 4 peer ... [more]

May 2009

EPSRC supporting the next UK Turbulence consortium

11 May 2009

EPSRC will support the next UK turbulence consortium where Dr Eldad Avital will serve as a member in the management team and Prof John Williams is one of the founding members. Prof Mike Gaster will join as a member of the consortium’s advisory board. The aim of the consortium ... [more]

PhD awarded to Fawad Inam in Materials

6 May 2009

Congratulations to Fawad Inam who successfully defended his PhD research on 5th May 2009. His PhD, titled "Development of Ceramic-Carbon Nanotube (CNT) Nanocomposites", was supervised by Professor Ton Peijs and Dr Michael J. Reece. Dr Inam is continuing as Research Associate at Nanoforce Technology Limited (QMUL's spin-out company) developing structural ceramics ... [more]

April 2009

James Busfield awarded the Colwyn Medal.

4 April 2009

The school would like to warmly congratulate Dr James Busfield on his award of the Colwyn medal by the Institute of Materials, Mining and Minerals. This is awarded to an individual for outstanding services to the rubber industry of a scientific, technical or engineering character. It is interesting to note ... [more]

Materials Undergraduate Programme Accredited

1 April 2009

The following BEng and MEng Materials Programmes have been accredited by the Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining (IoM3) for the maximum period of 5 years: Materials; Materials in Medicine; Dental Materials; Biomaterials; Materials with Business The Taught Masters Programme will also be accredited. Particular thanks go to Ray Smith and ... [more]

February 2009

NanoVision on BBC TV

27 February 2009

Queen Mary’s ground-breaking NanoVision Centre is featured in the new BBC2 TV series ‘Richard Hammond’s Engineering Connections’, which was broadcast on Sunday, 1 March 2009 at 20:10. Dr Andy Bushby, Director of the NanoVision Centre, met with Richard earlier this year to help explain some of the technology behind the Keck ... [more]

Calling all MSc students in Physics and Engineering

12 February 2009

Can you inspire a future generation of physicists? A number of highly competitive Science Scholarships are available for MSc Graduates in Physics and Engineering Do you have, or are you soon to have, an MSc in Physics or Engineering? Are you interested in playing a pivotal role in an innovative ... [more]

January 2009

Ranjan Vepa's Book is Published

28 January 2009

Ranjan Vepa's book entitled "Biomimetic Robotics - Mechanisms and Control" has been published by Cambridge University Press (ISBN 978-0-521-89594-1)

Investment and $80 million agreement for SEMS Professor Joost de Bruijn's biotech company

14 January 2009

Professor Joost de Bruijn's Dutch biotech company Progentix Orthobiology B.V. announced today that it has closed an investment agreement with NuVasive, a medical device company focused on developing products for minimally disruptive surgical treatments for the spine. Under the terms of the agreement NuVasive will gain access to Progentix' ... [more]

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