My visit to Advanced Healthcare LtdĀ 

By Wing Hei Lamb

My visit to Advanced Healthcare Ltd (AHL), a leading biomaterial company in dental materials production was immensely insightful. As a medical student pursuing an intercalated biomedical engineering degree, this experience offered invaluable insights into cutting-edge advancements.

The guided tour of AHL's facilities showcased the intricate manufacturing processes, from raw material procurement to product packaging. Witnessing quality control measures and technological innovations firsthand was enlightening. Our exploration extended to the diverse range of dental materials developed by the company, including glass ionomer filling material, composite material, cement, and more. Through interactive sessions and demonstrations, we learned about the unique properties and applications of these materials, as well as their clinical significance in modern dentistry. This first-hand exposure deepened my understanding of how innovative biomaterials contribute to enhancing patient care and treatment outcomes.

I am grateful for the opportunity to engage with researchers, scientists, and professionals at the forefront of biomaterial research. Through discussions and Q&A sessions, I explored the latest advancements, challenges, and future prospects in the field. In addition, I discussed with them the biomaterial clinical trials process and realized they were different from the pharmaceutical ones that were taught in medical school. That was when I learned the divisions of industrial field in the healthcare sector.

As an aspiring healthcare professional and a biomedical engineering enthusiast, This visit not only expanded my theoretical knowledge but also provided practical exposure to the real-world application of innovative materials. By immersing ourselves in the world of biomaterial science, we will not only expand our theoretical knowledge but also cultivate a practical understanding of how innovative materials shape the future of dental practice. Thanks QMUL for organizing this invaluable opportunity, and I eagerly anticipate the insights and inspiration that await us at AHL.