Industrial Site Visit to Thales Transport 

By Mitansh Vishalkumar Choksi

Mitansh in front of the railways

In SKEMP week, I attended an Industrial Site Visit to Thales Transport (GTS) where I learnt about the role of Thales GTS in developing solutions to ensure that our commutes using railways are always safe.

Everyone at the site were welcoming and keen to share their knowledge and insight into the work they do related to signalling and some of the challenges they face every day, from the small hiccups to larger issues such as manufacturers being changed suddenly.

During the site visit we were split into groups and rotated around three workshops showing us the manufacturing of their signal equipment, the software behind the signalling on the London Underground and some upcoming projects they are working on. I was particularly interested by some of the new technology that they are developing and how they took a novel approach to ensure safety of passengers on stations where it may not be possible to install platform screen doors.

A model of the railway at Thales

I would like to say a special Thank you to Simon Hosking, Diven Chauhan and Dino Sanoufe for answering some of my questions regarding the industry, for sharing their experiences and providing insight to help me with my coursework.

Thank you to Queen Mary Careers and Enterprise for organising this trip, it was informative and fun.