Engineering a Greener Tomorrow: My SELCHP Experience

By Fasika Abnet Bekele

A student in a high vis vest and a hard hat poses on an industrial site visit

Being passionate about engineering, I recently toured the Southeast London Combined Heat and Power Plant (SELCHP), which inspired me to stay dedicated to a more sustainable future and further ignited my love for engineering.

SELCHP is a plant that processes household and commercial waste to produce electricity and heat for nearby residences. This plant exemplifies creative engineering solutions that tackle two of the most urgent issues of our era: waste management and sustainable energy generation.

While I was visiting, I was impressed by the magnitude of innovation and how it is positively affecting both the environment and the community. Witnessing this establishment up close made me realize that engineering goes beyond just figures and computations; it involves devising strategies that make a tangible difference in reality. As engineers, we possess the resources and the ability to create a world where sustainability is more than just a concept but a feasible actuality.

The knowledge gained at SELCHP will stay with me as I progress in my engineering career. They act as a source of inspiration, pushing me to look past the norm, becoming involved in creating a lasting future. To all my peers and future engineers, let's strive to make a difference. Let's combine our creativity to build a world where technology and sustainability work together harmoniously.