Control Systems Group: Members

Academic staff

image Dr Guang Li received a PhD degree in electrical engineering from the University of Manchester. Before joining Queen Mary, he conducted several research projects in the University of Bristol, the University of Exeter and the Pennsalvania State University.

Marie Curie Fellow

image  Dr Zheng Chen is working on "Hierarchical optimal energy management of electric vehicles". Dr Zheng has extensive experiences in power managment of batteries and applications in electric vehicles. 

Postdoctoral Researchers

image Dr Tao Sun  is working on control of wave energy converters. He received a PhD degree from Aalborg University.
image Dr Zhijing Liao is working on control of wave energy converters for an EPSRC project.

PhD students

image Ms Gai Nian obtained her Bachelor degree from Shanghai Jiao Tong University and studied in National University of Singapore. She joined our group in Jan 2016. Her research topic is on optimal control and design.
image Mr Muhammad Sajjad Sabir Malik is working on optimal power management of battery systems and electric vehicles. Sajjad is sponsored by Higher Education Council of Pakistan.
Hongbiao Zhao Mr Hongbiao Zhao graduated from Dalian Maritime University. He is working on dynamics and control system designs related to offshore renewable energies.
image Mr Salman Qadir is sponsored by Higher Education Council of Pakistan. He is working on battery power management.
image Mr Sen Feng received his Master degree and Bachelor degree from QMUL and Xian. He is working on wave energy converter control.
image Ms Yujia Zhang obtained her Bachelor degree from Northwest Polytechnic University China. She is sponsored by University Scholarship and is working on model predictive control and its applications in robotics.
haiyi_kong Ms Haiyi Kong graduated from South China University of China. She started her PhD degree in 2021.
Mr Weijie Xiang Mr Weijie Xiang is a visiting PhD student from University of Science and Technology.

Academic visitors

Dr Zhenchun Wang from Yanshan University is vising our group from 2020 Jan for one year.

Dr Shuang Zhang from University of Science and Technology is vising our group from 2020 Jan for one year.

Former members and visitors