SEMS undergraduate student awarded Vacation Scholarship with Cambridge

8 April 2024

King's College, Cambridge
King's College, Cambridge

Barbaros Zeren, a first-year undergraduate student under the supervision and mentorship of Dr Rehan Shah, has been selected to receive the QMUL-Cambridge Long Vacation Scholarship award. The scholarship provides an opportunity for eight students from across Queen Mary to attend Kings College Cambridge, and one student to attend St John’s College Cambridge for a period of four weeks during the summer period of July-August.

As part of the award, Barbaros will receive free accommodation at Kings College, Cambridge as well as a bursary of £455 from Queen Mary to cover travel and maintenance costs, with the option to participate in planned activities. He will also be issued with reading and borrowing rights access to the Cambridge University Libraries.

As part of this scheme, students are expected to spend their time at Cambridge furthering their undergraduate studies by making use of the world-leading academic facilities. Students can also meet with academic staff at Cambridge. On completion of the scholarship, Barbaros will provide a short report of his time spent at Cambridge and will also receive recognition for his award as an extracurricular activity on his Higher Education Achievement Report (HEAR).

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