Postgraduate students present research at ILF March 2024

18 March 2024

MEng project presentation prize winners
MEng project presentation prize winners
MSc winners
MSc winners

Our MEng and MSc students presented their Research Projects at the Industrial Liaison Forum on 6th March 2024.

Our MEng students conduct team projects in their fourth year in groups of four to six students. Currently towards the end of their projects, they were able to present a mix of prototypes, samples and posters.

One MEng team was selected for a prize for the quality and enthusiasm of their presentation on a hybrid formula vehicle. Congratulations to Rayyan Ahmed, Hassan Awan, Cara Fox, Beatriz Machado, Mohammed Hassnain Nazir and Maria Bint Sohail.

An industry-wide shift towards hybrid architecture has been implemented as a result of the need for greener methods of transport. International Energy Agency predicts Global Carbon Emissions for transport will reduce by a third due to the introduction of hybrid vehicle architectures. The project has the following objectives:

  • Improve the efficiency of the QMFS 2023 internal combustion car by 10%
  • Create an integrated Simulink model, identifying areas for performance improvement
  • Feasibility study including cost and sustainability metrics

Our MSc projects run from the first semester through to August, so they are currently only about half-way through their projects. Nonetheless, they were able to give an excellent account of their work so far and their plans for the rest of the project.

Three MSc students were selected for prizes for the exceptional presentation of their work on the day. The prizes winners were Onik Alam, Ines Fernandez Calderon and Abhishek Patel.

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