Dr Rehan Shah invited as keynote speaker to the University of Kent

24 January 2024

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Dr Rehan Shah was specially invited to deliver a reflective teaching workshop on inclusive teaching to academic colleagues from the Division of Computing, Engineering and Mathematical Sciences at the University of Kent. This was the second event in a series of workshops organised by the Student Success Central Team at the university as part of their newly launched Teach, Reflect and Innovate programme in collaboration with the Division of Natural Sciences.

Dr Shah's interactive talk titled 'Teaching Ethics and Sustainability in Mathematics? You're Surely Joking' focused on how lecturers and education practitioners can embed discipline-specific ethics and sustainability aspects within technical mathematical based problems in their modules as part of their teaching. Through a series of tutorial-style exercise examples currently being tested in similar modules at Queen Mary, Dr Shah discussed how these could be effectively utilised to prompt both academics and students to engage in a constructive reflective dialogue around issues of ethics and sustainability.

The workshop was extremely well received by colleagues at the university, many of whom were keen to pilot some of the resources within their own teaching, more so in line with the university's current focus on revamping of their STEM curricula. The Student Success team noted that they were "excited to gain a new perspective on inclusivity through the lens of ethics and learn about how mathematicians are implementing inclusive teaching and curriculum" and "facilitated some very interesting discussion within the Division".

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