Dr Giuseppe Viola awarded the President and Principal’s Fund for Educational Excellence

25 July 2023

Dr Giuseppe Viola
Dr Giuseppe Viola

Dr Viola has been funded to further support our Undergraduate Research Project Activities through a new Queen Mary Centre for Undergraduate Research (QMCUR). This will be carried out in collaboration with a dedicated team of undergraduate students who will take on the role of "co-creators" under the supervision of Dr Giuseppe Viola. Additionally, other academic staff members, including Dr Maria Romero Gonzalez, Prof Henri Huijberts and Prof Julia Shelton, will be involved providing their valuable support.

The central aim of this project is to establish the QMCUR within SEMS as a pilot initiative, specifically designed to provide support for undergraduate students interested in conducting scientific research projects. It will also serve as a resource for academic staff members who may be interested in recruiting undergraduate students for research projects within their respective areas of interest.

In the long term, the Centre is expected to undergo expansion and centralization, becoming a prominent hub for undergraduate research across the entire university. This expansion will play an important role in facilitating and encouraging interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary research activities.

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