SEMS Academics Perform Exceptionally in REF 2021

12 May 2022

SEMS Researchers Showcasing their work at a recent Industrial Liaison Forum
SEMS Researchers Showcasing their work at a recent Industrial Liaison Forum

The scores have been announced for REF2021. The Research Excellence Framework (REF) is a 7 year cycle used to measure research and determine funding in UK universities. The result for SEMS is excellent as not only have we come seventh overall in Engineering amongst all 89 universities who were being assessed in our Unit of Assessment, but we also came second overall for the measure of the quality of our research outputs (the journal papers we produce). Previous REFs were a different format so it is hard to make a direct comparison, but it is clear that we have surpassed our best ever previous performance, with improvements not only in our scores for research outputs but also our research impact and our research environment.

This result reflects the world class research in SEMS, which complements our fantastic research led engineering education. Only last year our Engineering taught programmes also ranked 1st in the UK for enabling social mobility according to a study by the Institute for Fiscal Studies in partnership with the Sutton Trust. This performance is an excellent reflection of the distinctive nature of SEMS and reflects the amazing calibre of our academic, research, technical and professional staff as well as the hard work of the hundreds of PhD students who have also contributed to our world class research.

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