QM student wins IMechE prize for the best Bioengineering undergraduate project

16 June 2021

IMechE Awards
IMechE Awards

Congratulations to Eisha Hashmi who was selected for the IMechE Vicon Award for the best Bioengineering undergraduate project. Eisha presented her 3rd year individual research project at the Healthcare Technologies Student and Early Career Awards event held by Institute of Mechanical Engineers (IMechE) and was awared the runners up prize.

The project entitled: 'The influence of synoviocytes on IL-1β induced loss of cartilage mechanical properties' was supervised by Prof Martin Knight and involved collaboration with PhD student, Dariel Jurado Terrazas. Eisha conducted an excellent research project, measureing the mechanical degradation of cartilage and the influence of the synovium in regulating this behaviour. The work has clear relevance to the aeteology of arthritis and the development of organ-on-a-chip models and is being included in a forthcoming journal paper.

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