QM hosts Organ-on-a-chip Technologies Network meeting

9 April 2019

Queen Mary hosted the UK Organ-on-a-chip Technologies Network for a special Learning and Collaborative Event. The network has over 450 members from 50+ academic institutions with over 50 partners from industry and other stake holders.

The network event included a programme of research talks, discussion groups, industry demonstrations and special training sessions on working collaboratively and public engagement.

Organ-on-a-chips are engineered systems in which the architecture, functions and surrounding physiochemical environment of a living human organ are recreated, allowing drugs or therapies to be tested on an in vitro system which recapitulates the in vivo one. The development of organ-on-a-chip in vitro models has grown from a nascent idea in 2000 to one of the most promising, fastest growing research areas in the world, predicted to achieve a compound growth rate of 38-57% over the next 5 years to become a multi-billion pound industry.

The network is run by Prof Hazel Screen (Director) and Prof Martin Knight (co-Director), both from Bioengineering at Queen Mary, and is a joint MRC, EPSRC and BBSRC funded Technology Touching Life initiative, designed to capture, inspire and grow UK research activity in the Organ-on-a-Chip research field. As such the network provides various activities including funding for pump priming research projects as well as training and support for early career researchers.

Visit the network website for more information about this exciting area of bioengineering:
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