New research identifies optimal ventilation protocol for premature babies

26 March 2019

A new paper from Prof Martin Knight's group examines the use of two different methods of providing mechanical ventilation to premature babies. The study led by Prof Anne Greenough and colleagues at King's College London, explores the effect of lung inflation volume on inflammation within the alveolar epithelial cells.

The study shows that low amplitude cyclic mechanical strain which occurs during high frequency oscillatory ventilation (HFOV), rather than high amplitude strain which occurs during conventional mechanical ventilation (CMV), resulted in lower levels of secreted inflammatory cytokines (IL-6 and IL-8). These results may explain the superior lung function of the children who in the neonatal period had been supported by HFOV in clinical trials

The paper entitled, 'An in vitro investigation of the inflammatory response to the strain amplitudes which occur during high frequency oscillation ventilation and conventional mechanical ventilation' is published in the Journal of Biomechanics.
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