The bioengineering experience 2015

5 May 2015

The bioengineering experience 2015
The bioengineering experience 2015
Children aged 10 from St Joseph’s in the Park visited the Institute of Bioengineering and experienced real, hands on lab activities at the School of Engineering and Materials Science. The project funded by the Center for Public Engagement, was a fantastic event encouraging young people to experience bioengineering first hand. The children learnt about the importance of cells, materials and engineering and why we work together in collaborative research. For example, the children played tug of war with a tendon, they squashed materials containing cells with mechanical test systems and helped to dissect cartilage or tendons from a cow’s joint.

It was a very exciting and inspirational day motivating girls and boys to find out more about biongineering. I look forward to teaching the group tomorrow on how to make scientific posters on bioengineering. The children’s work will be presented to families and peers at St Joseph’s in the Park on 5th June and at “Inspiring girls in science” event on 4th June.
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