CNPComp2019 : Topics

CNPComp2019 focuses on all aspects of nanocomposites based around nanocarbons and related materials. Whilst there is an emphasis on polymeric matrices, contributions on metallic or ceramic systems are warmly welcome. Topics includes, though are not limited to:

  • Preparation (synthesis, processing, or assembly) of CNPs and CNP constructs for applications in composites
  • Surface treatment, functionalization of CNP materials and characterization of the resulting surface/interphase behaviour
  • Characterization of intrinsic CNP structure and properties relevant to composites
  • Preparation and processing of CNPs composites, by blending, infiltration, or other methods, including subsequent conversion by moulding, stacking, or welding
  • Additive manufacturing using CNP components
  • Hybrid systems, combining different types of CNPs or other nanofillers
  • Hierarchical nanostructured composites, developing architectures at multiple length scales, particularly in conjunction with conventional structural fibre reinforcements
  • Characterization of CNP dispersion, distribution, orientation, within the matrix, and the associated influence on the matrix microstructure and properties
  • Evaluation of CNP composite properties: mechanical, electrical, thermal, and optical characteristics, and emerging multifunctional performance
  • Modelling of CNPs and their composites, both processing and performance
  • Specific applications and opportunities for CNP-containing composites