Scholarship Exchange Webinar

Scholarship Exchange Webinar

Date: Wednesday 29 May 2024 12:00 - 13:00

Location: Online

Title: Effects of Game-Based Learning on Engagement and Academic Performance for Undergraduate Science and Engineering Students

Abstract: In recent years, the adoption of flipped learning as an educational approach has gained significant momentum. To address the challenge of student motivation and enhance overall engagement, the incorporation of game-based learning within the flipped learning approach has emerged as a promising solution. This research aims to explore the potential of gaming in promoting active learning and fostering a deeper understanding of course material. The findings highlight the positive impact of gamification on student engagement and academic performance within an undergraduate Engineering module. The implementation of game-based strategies effectively captured students' attention and facilitated a dynamic learning environment. The results demonstrated a positive correlation between engagement levels and academic performance, affirming the efficacy of gamification in promoting enhanced learning outcomes. The public acknowledgement of high achievers not only instilled a sense of pride and motivation in these students but also inspired their peers to strive for excellence. The collective applause and recognition from the entire class served as a powerful reinforcement of the value and significance of active engagement in the module. These findings emphasise the potential of integrating flipped learning and game-based strategies as a comprehensive educational framework that caters to diverse student needs and maximises learning outcomes.

Authors: Dr Saqib Jivani, Dr Hicham Adjali, Dr Sanaa Hafeez, Dr Mouna Chetehouna

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