Celebrate the 'National Battery Day' @QM!

Celebrate the 'National Battery Day' @QM!

Date: Friday 17 February 2023 17:30 - 20:30

Location: People's Palace PP1

We are celebrating the National Battery Day on Friday 17th February and we want to harness this opportunity to promote battery careers as widely as possible with our amazing QMUL undergraduate students!


  • Short 10 min talks by some of QMUL's leading scientists in battery science.
  • Q&A session about pursuing battery careers.
  • Online networking with other UK institutions celebrating the national battery day.
  • Poster session with QMUL PhD and postdocs working in battery-related research.
  • FREE drinks and nibbles during the poster session to enable NETWORKING!


Talks will start at 5.30 PM in PP1 (People's Palace) followed by the poster session at the Foyer.

Additional Online event: There will be a one-hour online event from 12-1pm for STEM undergraduate students held by the Faraday Student Committee. Speakers will discuss their battery career journey.

Arranged by:Queen Mary University of London
Contact:Maria Crespo
Research Centres: