About the QM Surface Science Group


Research expertise

  • Surfactant mixtures in complex multiphase systems: adsorption, aggregation, micellization; phase behaviour; complex systems under high pressure, temperature, salinity, mixing rate.
  • Liquid films, wetting, wetting dynamics, jet impingement, bubble entrainment; charged surfaces, electrolyte solutions, stabilization/destabilization of dispersions.
  • Characterisation of single interfaces and of complex systems with a range of techniques.
  • Surface modification: polymer brush growth on a range of substrates; layer-by-layer assemblies; hydrophobization, roughness.
  • Expertise in preparation, characterization and modelling of dispersions: emulsions, porous media, solid dispersions, foams.
  • Study of complex fluid/multiphase flows.


Specific applications

  • Formulations for fuels, lubricants, drilling fluids for geothermal energy and hydrocarbon recovery, water treatment.
  • Microfluidic systems, fluid interaction with solid surfaces, jet instabilities, electro-spraying, inkjet printing.
  • Multifunctional nano-engineered delivery systems; drug delivery formulations – emulsions from oil mixtures, theranostic nanoparticles, gene delivery, remote navigation and release of encapsulated materials.


Chemically reactive systems

  • Fouling and antifouling properties, from engines to biological systems. Surfactant oxidative degradation; organic phase and bio matter degradation; scaling.
  • Catalysis, reactor modelling, dispersions in reactors. Chemical and biochemical reactions in confined systems.
  • Bioreactors. Growing stem cells on emulsion interfaces – cell-material interactions and regulation of phenotype.


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