Celebrating International Women’s Day: Meet Professor Hazel Screen

8 March 2024

Professor Hazel Screen
Professor Hazel Screen

For International Women’s Day, we’re reflecting on some of the women in Engineering who have inspired us.

Professor Hazel Screen is our first female Head of School, and also Director of the Organ on a Chip Network, Co-Director of the Centre for Predictive in vitro Models and Co-Director of the QMUL-Emulate Organs-on-Chips Centre. Her research in bioengineering aims to understand how our tissues are built to be able to withstand the loads they experience in the body.

In this new video, Hazel talks about Emily Roebling, “she was an engineer who effectively built the Brooklyn Bridge…and she was the first person to walk across the bridge at the end in honour of her contribution.”

When asked about initiatives that champion diversity in SEMS, she praises the Proud to be an Engineer project, “bringing together a community of perhaps less represented engineering to put mentorship in place, give them public engagement training and help them go out in the community.”

Find out more about Hazel in this Q&A, from her recent appearance on children’s science TV programme Operation Ouch.

Contact:Ayden Wilkes