Proud to be an Engineer welcomes seventeen engineers onto the project to change perceptions and inspire a new generation.

15 December 2023

The first meeting of the Proud to be an Engineer participants
The first meeting of the Proud to be an Engineer participants

On Friday 24th November 2023, we welcomed nine engineers to the Mile End Campus for the first session of our Proud to be an Engineer project. The following week, another eight engineers joined an online induction session to join the group.

Funded by The Ingenious Award with a £30,000 grant, Proud to be an Engineer is bringing together engineers who are underrepresented in the industry. The project aims to empower and support them to tell their stories and communicate their passion for engineering, ultimately changing perceptions of the industry, and inspiring a new generation of engineers.

During the day, the group shared their stories with each other and learnt about public engagement, reaching underrepresented audiences, using social media, working with the media, and developing inclusive events and activities.

Next summer, we’ll be working with this team of participants to deliver two events – one for schools and colleges and one for the local community in East London – allowing attendees to find out what makes engineering so exciting and pioneering, and to consider if they could be an engineer.

Between now and the delivery of these events, the participants will continue to develop their public speaking and engagement skills, learn more about reaching new audiences and working with young people, and have the opportunity to receive mentoring throughout the process.

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