Prof Markys Cain Joins SEMS as a Visiting Professor

14 May 2021

Prof Markys Cain
Prof Markys Cain

Markys Cain is the first of a number of new Visiting Professor appointments to be announced in SEMS. He has been an active member of the Industrial Advisory liaison board and has been a research collaborator in ferroelectric and piezoelectric materials, with specific expertise in in-situ diffraction measurements, for many years. He has sponsored several PhD students when he worked at NPL. More recently, he has established his own company Electrosciences, which supports UK industry in the development and application of ferroelectric materials and devices. He also launched and ran the EU ‘Piezo Institute’, now hosted from France. He will be looking to strengthen his ties to QMUL now that he has joined SEMS as Visiting Professor.

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