Colloid & Interface Webinar on 24 March, 15:00: Formulation engineering principles using processed food as an example by Prof. Eddie Pelan

16 March 2021

Formulation engineering principles using processed food as an example

Prof. Eddie Pelan

24 March 2021, 15:00 (online)

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Abstract: I will present a very short description of what the University of Birmingham CDT in Formulation Engineering tries to do. Then I will introduce some generic aspects of (food) emulsions and show how many different products can be formulated using a relatively small class of ingredients. I will explain in passing how we use chemistry and physical aspects of materials, together with processing principles to create microstructures which become products that consumers interact with in daily use.

What I won’t do is give a detailed content lecture. The material I will present would normally cover 120 minutes of lecturers. For this audience I want to get across the ideas and concepts behind the details. So I will whizz through much of the 70+ slides, focussing mostly on generic concepts, and hope to engage the audience in some Q&A after the lecture part.

Bio: I graduated with a Physics background (QUB) and completed a Food Science PhD with Prof Eric Dickinson (Leeds). I have been an Industrial Research Scientist with Unilever R&D from 1985-2017. I have worked across all Food categories and many Home and Personal Care Categories, and have always been involved with various aspects of product microstructure. I have split my Unilever R&D career between Colworth House and Vlaardingen. Since 2018 I am now a member of the CDT Formulation Engineering at Birmingham and also a member of the Microstructural Research Group in the School of Chemical Engineering.


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