SEMS student Humaira Patel was a runner up in the The McLaren Future Mobility Challenge

24 April 2020

Humaira Patel
Humaira Patel
Humaira Patel, a second year mechanical engineering student, entered for The McLaren Future Mobility Challenge category of The Telegraph newspaper's STEM Awards 2020. Humaira applied her knowledge of materials engineering, gained from her Engineering Materials for Design module, to propose an idea for the automotive sector - using spider silks as a replacement for carbon fibre in carbon fibre-reinforced body panels. An ambitious and innovative idea.
In the words of the competition organisers: 'Congratulations! You have made it to the semi final stage of the Telegraph's STEM Awards. An achievement in itself given the volume of applications we've had this year.'
Congratulations Humaira.
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