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Queen Mary continues to support the rebuilding of higher education in Syria

30 July 2019

Dr Fuad Alhaj Omar and Dr Joe Briscoe
Dr Fuad Alhaj Omar and Dr Joe Briscoe
Queen Mary University of London has hosted a Syrian academic in exile, consolidating its support for academics at risk and the rebuilding of higher education in Syria.

Queen Mary is among a number of British universities engaged in the Syria Programme launched by the Council for At Risk Academics (Cara) in 2016. Previous reports by Cara have highlighted the devastation that the eight-year conflict has caused the higher education sector in the country.

As part of Queen Mary’s continued support for the programme the university hosted Dr Fuad Alhaj Omar on a Research Incubation Visit in the School of Engineering and Materials Science. During his time at Queen Mary, Dr Fuad Alhaj Omar was mentored by Dr Joe Briscoe, Lecturer in Functional Materials.
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