Record Numbers of Alumni Signup for our next Industrial Liaison Forum

9 February 2018

Alumni Networking in the Octagon last year.
Alumni Networking in the Octagon last year.
QMUL alumni from any Engineering, Materials or Design discipline are welcome back to the next Industrial Liaison Forum (ILF) on Wednesday, 7th March 2018. At this early stage we have more registrations than ever before with alumni coming back from a very diverse range of career paths. The ILF provides an opportunity to review student projects in the morning. Then there are extensive opportunities for alumni to network with current students and give advice on life after graduation. No preparation is required as any talk you are asked to give is short and informal. It is clear that many of our alumni recognise the value of this event having enjoyed the opportunity to talk to alumni when they were students. If you are an alumnus who would like to register then follow the eventbrite link below.
Contact:James Busfield
Tel:020 7882 8866

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